Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello...Is there anybody out there?!?!!?

Ok so I haven't been posting in the last month, so sorry! I think everyone has left me :( Well I have good reason. For one, I've been helping my mom out. Next we are renovating an apartment (basically gutted it) so I'm either working on it or keeping a 2.5yr old and a almost 1yr old (*weeping*) busy! Because of the renovation my house is a flippin mess!!!

Needless to say I don't really want to take pics of my finds when I can barely see my table, HA!

So over the last month the only super deals I've gotten have been on liquids (lots of free powerade, fuze, etc at the grocery store) and some good toy deals at Kmart.

I'm hoping in the next few weeks to start back up again with daily blogs. I need an outlet! :)

For now keep up with the great back to school freebies! Don't need it? Donate it! All Staples have a donation box for local charities. I buy the penny or quarter items and toss them in. Also consider donating them to your favorite local small business. While some of us are crafty enough to get these deals ourselves, some of them are too busy working hard to get time to pick these items up.