Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Target and Shaws fun!

As you may read on Sara's blog, we had an adventure at Target today. She did better than me in terms of deals (check out her blog here), but I did get what I needed.

They have Edy's small 6oz ice cream cups for $1.19 and there are $1 off Target coupons you can print and use. So $.19 for those! Also there is a great Smores coupon out there for $3 off when you buy all 3 ingredients for Smores ( Jetpuff marshmallows, Hersheys bars, and Honey___(? name is on the coupon) graham crackers). The total for all 3 items is $6, but with that Q it's $3. Not free, but a nice deal.

Also I grabbed 2 of their 18 gallon rope handle buckets on sale for $6 this week. They are fantastic toy buckets! A lot cheaper than other toy buckets or cloth buckets that size.

At shaws they do have a decent soda deal this week with Pepsi (buy 5 12 packs for $5 when use buy the Lays multipack for $5.99 using in ad coupon). Tomorrow is the last day of the sale. My friend/boss (lol) Lori informed me of another good deal this week at Shaws. Some Hefty sandwich and freezer bags are 2/$3 this week. There was a $1 off blinkie (little machine that spits out coupons that hangs on the shelves) right there. So each box of sandwich bags was $.50 after coupons!

Again not free but very cheap! Also keep your eye out of $$/$$$ (like $5 off of your next $40 purchase). They come out of the catalina machine and even if you find some laying there, grab them! You can use them!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sorry!! I have been slacking!!!

I have been busy this last week so I didn't get to shop too much or post anything for that matter!

Definitely hit CVS this week for some free (after ECBs) ThermaCare neck wraps and some free or money making Soy Joy bars. Even if you hate the bars you can use your BOGO coupons and make ECBs off of it and donate them!

There are also some great deals at Target. Here is a good deal at Target this week! Enjoy!

I will be posting some posts this week, I promise!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Projects around the house?

So got a crazy home project that you've been meaning to do? Well go price the project out. Try to see if there are any alternatives you can use like Oops paint or a different material. I love finding clearance items or returned items to use!

Also if you are doing a major project, break up the purchase into small transactions. You can buy it little by little and use smaller, better coupons! I have a few $5 off of $25 for True Value. Home Depot takes competitors coupons so I will use it there and save quite a bit of money by buying the materials in small chunks.

Friday, June 12, 2009

How to work deals

So here is a deal I did at Stop & Shop a few days ago. This was a classic example of finding a great coupon and matching it up with a sale. Stop & Shop had Powerade on sale for $1 each and if you bought 5 you got 2 free. This week I was enlightened to the art of finding coupons at gas stations (thanks sara!) where I found these Powerade $.75 off of 2 coupon. This coupon would be doubled at Stop & Shop.

So what I did was buy 8. The first 5 were $1 each, the 6th and 7th were free, and the 8th was also $1. So that came to a total of $6. I have 4 coupons which would each double to $1.50 each. This also totaled $6. Usually each week there is a deal like this out there. You just have to review the sales flyers and your coupons and find a great deal. Sometimes it's not a free item, but it may be a higher priced item for a really low price.

For example this week at Stop & Shop they have Hebrew National hot dogs BOGO. Also if you buy 2 you get a free Guldens Mustard! Sounds good already, right? Well there is a $1 printable for Hebrew Nationals here and Shaws has a $1 printable for them this week. At Stop & Shop (and Shaws, Target, CVS) you can use both a store coupon and a manufacture coupon on a given item. Competitor coupons are part of that! Also you can use a coupon for each item (even the free one) since you are purchasing the item. So I will use 2 $1 off manufacture coupons and 2 Shaws coupons and get $4 off the one Hebrew National I have to pay for. I will have to check the price of them to see if it's worth it. I have quite the stash already so I don't need to spend more than a dollar or two.

Look for other posts about the other match ups this week. I just search the 2 grocery store circulars I get and find coupons to go with them. Checking is another great way to find hidden sales and deals!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shaws 6/10...30 items, $.19 each!!

You might be thinking, "wow shaws again?" but you should be thinking, "wow you only did 3 transaction?"....Yeah I only did 3. I was trying to be quick and cheap. Ok as you can see here I got a lot of beverages. I got 24 drinks (go find yourself some BOGO tear pads at gas stations!) 12 Fuze and 12 Gold Peak Ice Tea, 3 frostings, 2 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter cooking sticks, and 1 Chex Mix.

I spent about $5.68 (I had an extra item not part of the deal in one transaction so I'm estimating) and got back a $5 off catalina! I spent $.19 an item! I saved about $43!

And don't forget to buy items you will use. Or if you are getting them for FREE you can donate anything you don't think you'll use. I have my daughters 1st birthday coming up so I will be cooking and using lots of frosting. And the drinks, well of course they are great for me or my husband when we are sick of water!

There is another GREAT catalina deal going next week for Shaws (Jewel/Osco and Acme usually all have the same deals). Check the last page of your circular for where it mentions getting $10 off on your next order. Then check out under forums and grocery stores. Find your store and get some ideas!!! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shaws 6/9....I got 24 items for $17

Here was my haul today. It should have been less but I couldn't find a coupon for one item that I just had in my hand last night. Go figure. Anyway, I took advantage of the Shaws promotion this week (buy $25 worth of products listed on the back page get $10 back for your next can also spend $15 get $5 or spend $10 and get $2).

I did buy a lot of other items that were not part of the sale, but were on sale. All four loaves of bread were marked down. I threw 3 in the freezer :).

Over all my total would have been over $50 and I paid $17 and got $5 back for my next purchase. I paid about $.71 an item! Not half bad. I do plan on going back for this transaction to roll my latest $5:

2 Total whole grains
3 Suddenly Salads
total presale price: $15.75
post sale price:$8
-$1 off Any 2 GM printable (in hotcouponworlds data base)
-3 $.40 off Suddenly Salad (they will double)
-$5 off my next purchase from todays transactions
$.80!! and I'll get $5 back for my next purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Shaws 6/5

I put my groceries away right away, sorry! I could have gotten one less chex item, but I was trying kind of winging it. Here's what I got as part of the deal (see the back page of your flyer, towards the bottom).

4 boxes of Cheerios
2 Wishbone Bountiful Salad dressing
1 Bisquick
1 Skippy Natural Peanut butter
2 Chex Mix
1 Suddenly Salad
= around $27 pre sale price
Sale price= $19.84
-4 $.55 Cheerios Q
-2 $.75 Wishbone Q
-1 $.60 bisquick Q
-2 $.50 Chex Mix Q
-1 $.80 Suddenly Salad
(couldn't find my Skippy Q, but found it when I got home!)
=$9.60ish got a $10 off my next purchase back!!

I spent more than some people have worked out this deal for. I wanted to only get things I needed this round since it's been reported to not work for some. So I wanted to have items I knew I needed. My next run I plan on doing some stocking up.

I do plan on getting 2 Skippy, some more Chex Mix/Chex Mix bars, Suddenly Salad, brownies, etc. :) Probably 2-3 more runs. I think I have that many Qs!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Salvation Army 6/3

Sorry I haven't been posting much. There really haven't been too many fantastic deals going on so I haven't been shopping much.

Here is my trip to Salvation Army today, for their family day. I got 16 items for $12.04.

I got 7 books for the kids

2 pairs of shorts for me (Calvin Klein and Gap)

1 Ralph Lauren jacket for my baby

1 Caters sweatshirt for my toddler

1 pair of capris for my toddler

1 shirt for my toddler

1 Carters dress for my baby

2 sundresses for my toddler

I used a $5 off of $15 or more coupon and got some clothes and books nice and cheap!!!!