Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shaws 6/10...30 items, $.19 each!!

You might be thinking, "wow shaws again?" but you should be thinking, "wow you only did 3 transaction?"....Yeah I only did 3. I was trying to be quick and cheap. Ok as you can see here I got a lot of beverages. I got 24 drinks (go find yourself some BOGO tear pads at gas stations!) 12 Fuze and 12 Gold Peak Ice Tea, 3 frostings, 2 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter cooking sticks, and 1 Chex Mix.

I spent about $5.68 (I had an extra item not part of the deal in one transaction so I'm estimating) and got back a $5 off catalina! I spent $.19 an item! I saved about $43!

And don't forget to buy items you will use. Or if you are getting them for FREE you can donate anything you don't think you'll use. I have my daughters 1st birthday coming up so I will be cooking and using lots of frosting. And the drinks, well of course they are great for me or my husband when we are sick of water!

There is another GREAT catalina deal going next week for Shaws (Jewel/Osco and Acme usually all have the same deals). Check the last page of your circular for where it mentions getting $10 off on your next order. Then check out under forums and grocery stores. Find your store and get some ideas!!! Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

How much do those fuze drinks run?

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