Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gro Baby Animated Short!

Go HERE and check out the Gro Baby animated video! It's super cute! I love my Gro Baby diapers. I've blogged about them before. So easy to use and they have saved me hundreds of dollars already. Their customer service is top notch as well. Enjoy the video!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shaws- Spent $5.97, Saved $133!!

I had a great trip to Shaws today! I did have some trouble and a disappointment, but overall pretty smooth. I did 4 transactions. Nothing actually printed for my first transaction I tried to do at self checkout (only did that since they had 2 registers open and each was 5 people deep). Not the first time self check out wasn't loaded right.

The best part was when the less than friendly supervisor I often see there told me the Flu catalina was done last week and that the self check out wasn't the problem. It's happened to me on several occasions and so it does irk me when I get told its me or I'm wrong. I guess this is a vent of sorts :)

Anywho, the same transaction at a regular register printed $16.50 in catalinas. $3 of that was the Flu catalina. Lesson learned.

I left with $21 in catalinas on my next purchase and $133 in food for under $6!!!!

I am giving away several of the items here to some families I know could use them. Not that we can't ;) but some of these are foods we don't eat.

Target Deals!!!

Missing from this pic is a Graco Comfort Sport Convertible car seat and a box of 88 Pampers Pull Ups. I paid $17.xx out of pocket and received $10 back in gift cards. The car seat was marked down to $12.50!!! They had 4 or 5 of them, so check your store! They are marking down other Graco baby items as well.

The Glade deal was buy 5 of the holiday scents (glade tins or the refills) get a $5 gift card. I had $1.50 off any tin coupon (5 of them) and buy the tin get a free refill coupon (5 of those). So I got a $5 gift card for my 5 tins and another for my 5 refills! The refills were FREE! The tins cost me $5, but I got $10 back in gift cards!

The $1.50 off the tins I found inside the tins themselves. Please do not take them out of tins you do not buy. When I went today none of my tins had candles. None of the tins there had them, but they should have. So please only take the coupons out of the ones you are purchasing. If I do this deal again I'll have to figure something else out since I didn't get any coupons today :(

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Check out Alice.com. I heard about this on For The Mommas and just made my first order last night.

Use the link I provided and you'll get a $10 off when you spend $50 bonus! You don't need to spend the $50 all at once either. I spent $22.xx last night on items that normally go for around $31 or so. Not terrible for items that don't usually go on sale or have coupons!

This site is great for several reasons. First they offer free shipping! Second, they offer discounts in the form of coupons or percentages. It's super easy to use this site and you can add things as your "products" and set reminders if it's something you need often (such as toilet paper).

They have mostly health and beauty items. Things such as diapers, makeup, shampoo, medicine, razors, etc. I ordered some medicine products there are never good sales on because they were cheaper than they are at walmart (cheapest I've seen, until now) and a pack of Luvs diapers.

Things you should know:

You normally need to order at least 6 items. Not too bad since some are even $.29 each. But on your first order they will let you slide with less.

Some prices aren't better than the stores using sales and coupons. So keep that in mind. If you NEED it now, chances are this is the best price. If you can wait though, some items will be a better price with sales and coupons. This includes razors, shampoos, etc. Other items are a great deal, so definitely check them out often!

Overall it looks like a great way to buy some items cheap! I will report back when I get my order!

Friday, October 16, 2009

More Freebies and Reminders...

Go HERE for lots of free photo stuff! Create a new account for snapfish (with a new email) and get a free mug!

You can get degree deodorant and spray at Target for $.29 each HERE.

Don't forget to hit Shaws this week! Great deal on the back page and LOTS of printable coupons on coupons.com, betty crocker, eat better america, and pillsbury sites!!! The BEST resource for the weekly deals is Hot Coupon World Shaws forum. You just click on the the current week and you'll get a run down of all the deals!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Use THIS coupon (the $2 frozen entree one) from Healthy Choice to get some free meals at Walmart and cheap meal at Target! You can print this twice per computer.

Also HERE you'll find a pdf coupon for free baby puffs or foods. I have seen these puffs at Target. Even my nearly 3 year old loves these for snacks! Check it out! You can print this several times but you can only use one per customer. Please do not go crazy here, otherwise companies stop promos like this.

If you are a Victoria Secret fan make sure you join their "pink" club. The Frugal Girls have posted about about a coupon for members to get a free pair of undies, no purchase required. I signed up less than a month ago and they put coupons like this out alllll the time! Love it!

And finally go HERE and print this Neosporin Lip Health coupon. These are $2.99 this month at CVS. This $3 coupon makes it free!! You can print this twice per computer.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yay! New template!

The Template Mama is a great find I stumbled upon today! Cute templates and instructions on how to do some of this stuff yourself. I just wanted to take a second to mention this site because it's so easy and free! Next I'll be working on a button! I've wanted to make one for a while but never had a clue. She has instructions on her blog.

Shaws- Spent $2.76 and $12 back!

Yeah I don't have a dog, but my mom does! So here we have 2 bottles of ginger ale, 6 Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta, 2 hartz boxes of dog bones, a box of pretzels, 3 clorox wipes, and 2 huge bags of Splenda (probably the best deal of the week!). I spent $2.76 and got $12 back for my next purchase, plus a catalina for a free box of milkbones! I saved $52.47!!

I used the catalina's I received from the other day to pay for most of it. Next week has a great deal too! Spend $25 get $10 back on the items on the back page! Use your catalinas from this week to help cut that $25 down. AND it's $25 off of shelf price not sale price...so it's even easier to reach $25 when going by the shelf/full price!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Awesome Shaws Week!!

Missing from this pic are 6 more Soft Soaps and 2 Hartz Dog Bones boxes. I spent $14ish out of pocket and received $15 back in catalinas for my next purchase!

So this week at Shaws (good through Thursday) there is a great deal on the back page.

Spend $10 (shelf price) get $3 back for you next purchase. The items are listed on the back page and in the fine print at the bottom.

Here are some of the best deals...

Splenda 5lb equivalent bag- shelf price $10.79 (poof you get $3!) sale price $5
*Buy 2 and use THIS $3.50 off coupon

So $10 for 2 minus $3.50 for the coupon= $6.50 and you'll get $6 back for your next purchase!

Smart Balance products. Pretty much all of them I saw! Including butter, peanut butter, oil!
Oil $5.49 shelf price, $2.50 sale price (the BIG bottle too!)
Buy 2 for $5 (poof you get $3 back!)
**Use 2 $1 off coupons, which I found in the isle in a blinkie!
OR use $1 off of 2 listed below.

All the Smart Balance coupons HERE

It ends up being $3 (with the $1 off 1 coupon) get $3 back or $4 get $3 back!!

Ronzoni Harvest pasta $1.99 shelf price, sale price $1. Use the coupon HERE

Clorox 35 count wipes (yellow or green containers) $3.49 shelf price, $3.29 sale price
**Buy 3 get $3 back for this promo and $3 back for a "flu" promo! So $6 back!
**There is also a $1 off of 2 coupon from a few weeks ago.

Hartz Dog Bones $3.69 shelf price, $2.50 sale price.
**Buy 2 get a coupon for a FREE box of Milkbones! UPDATE: I'm hearing you can just buy 1 box and still get the FREE Milkbones Q!!!
**Use THIS $2 off coupon (print 2!)

Soft Soap $1.69 shelf price, $1 sale price
**You can buy 6 and get the $3 back (I had coupons from a while back)

Also Kleenex tissues are B2G2 and qualify for the "flu" promo, so you should get $3 back. Don't forget to use coupons! There are a few out there.

Eggo and The Super Pretzels (frozen pretzels) and plenty of others have coupons that go with it!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Old Navy $15 vests tomorrow!!

As part of their celebration, Old Navy is offering their freeze free vests tomorrow only for $15!!! I suggest getting there early, early, early!!! I've been to a few Old Navy special Saturday sales and it can get crowded. But this is a great deal. Last year the vests were insanely high priced! They are $34.50-$39.50 this year for womens vests!

Don't forget to grab a coupon off of www.oldnavyweekly.com! Any coupon will make this an even better deal!!

There are some deals already on Old Navy's site. Kids fleeces 2/$15 and the kids vests are $15 all week. Tomorrow it will be vests for the whole family!

6pm.com KEEN Sale and More!

Check out 6pm.com for a great KEEN sale! They are awesome quality shoes and plenty of them are 60% off (or more). There is another brand with some shoes up to 94% off! They were super pricey shoes so paying $4.95 for $90 shoes isn't bad!

**Just be careful to read the customer fit rating. I have found that to be very accurate and 6pm doesn't give free return shipping. If your shoes don't fit, you will likely not receive the same shipping on the correct size because the sale will be over.

If you follow the customer fit rating you should be fine. Worst case scenario, sell them on ebay! Why spend $$ on return shipping when you can get your money back on ebay? ;)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Snow White Deals!

Snow White was re-released yesterday and there are some GREAT deals! My favorite is Toys R Us. If you buy $25 in princess items you get a free Snow White baking set (valued at $12.99)! Also I bought my movie yesterday (the release date) and received a $5 gift card as well. Not sure how long that is going on for, but check it out! BTW- TRU often does this with pre-orders (which I did NOT do, but it may have been a release day only thing. Don't know since it was not advertised).

Here is the deal I did:

Snow White dvd/blu-ray: $19.99

Snow White Dress Up Shoes: $5.99

Total= $25.98

Got a free baking set!

-$10 Snow White movie coupon (you can find it disney rewards site or TRU site)

So all 3 items for $16.xx!! And perhaps a $5 gift card back!

I also used a $5/$25 purchase I had, but I had to add an item for some reason. So I grabbed a Littlest Pet Shop for $.49 after everything was said and done.

At the very least you can grab the movie for $9.99 after coupon. You *might* get the gift card too, who knows! But to get all the items I did for only a few dollars more (accounting for the gift card), you can't find a better deal!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Coupons.com Reset First of the Month!

Not only have they reset, but they have added a ton of Playskool/Hasbro coupons! These could be handy for holiday shopping since they do not expired until January! I'll be keeping an eye out to see if there are any good black friday deals for these.

CVS Free Neosporin Lip Health!

The Thrifty Mama posted that CVS has a clip free coupon for Neosporin Lip Health (Daily Hydration or Overnight Lip Therapy) regularly $5.49, but $2.99 after clip free coupon.

To make that deal even better....there is a $3 off printable (found on the link I provided). This means free lip stuff! Woohoo!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

CVS 9/27

This week I stumbled upon a blog with a great feature! Southern Savers has a CVS post for this week and you can actually make your shopping list by check off the boxes next to the items.

Anyway, I used their scenarios this week to get everything you see above for $12 plus I received 10 Extra Care Bucks (ECB) back. Now I only had 1 ECB to start with so I could have done a lot better if I had more. Also there was an issue with my Cover Girl BOGO so I believe I over paid because my "free" item for the BOGO should have been the more expensive face item. Instead it took off the foundation (buy foundation get a free face item is what it said) which was cheaper.

I do love my CVS so I didn't want to make a big deal out of $1.xx because it wasn't worth arguing.

Anyway, I'm going back this week to have them price match a few items. I can then use my 10 ECBs to pay for them and get more ECBs in return.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Holiday Shopping Reminders :)

Yes it is September and I am talking about the holidays. My buddy Sara over on Steals and Deals posted recently about the holidays and I wanted to make sure I touched on a few things as well for my readers.

As Sara suggests, make a list. Definitely figure out exactly how many gifts you need and start getting some ideas. As of now I have about half of my shopping, maybe more, done. I should have more done, but I've been very selective :).

Buy things that are practical and match sales and coupons just like you would for grocery shopping. Don't buy a bunch of junk simply because it's cheap. Then the item may not get used, etc. It's kind of a waste. Part of the reason I haven't finished my shopping is because I know there will be some great sales on Amazon and other sites. I may want to buy an extra item off of there since I have gift cards.

Amazon does have GREAT holiday deals! So make sure you are using Swag Bucks for all your "google" searches and turn your bucks into Amazon gift cards. I have $25 right now and hope to have double that buy the time Nov rolls around. I got a $65 item for $40 last year that was a pretty hot toy from Amazon.

Toys R Us also has B2G1 free sales pretty much from now until Nov or so. There are coupons that go with this! I have seen $5/$25 purchase TRU and BRU coupons and coupons from manufactures. Leap Frog and Fisher Price are the two brands I see the most.

Also do not over pay for the hot items!! Be careful on sites like Amazon because they have "sellers" who can charge whatever price for an item they want. I often see hot toys at 3x's the retail price by sellers and people sometimes buy an item because it's on someone's wish list.

So if you want that hot item you can either wait it out or be persistent at the retail stores. If that doesn't seem reasonable, then go to ebay and stalk auctions. However realize the reason you can't find the hot toys in stores is because these sellers on ebay and amazon have bought them all with the intention of making money off of you.

In some instances I will pay $1 or $2 more with shipping for their hassle of going to the store for me :) However, I do not buy from sellers who are trying to take advantage of people. Of course this is my own personal opinion or motto. I prefer to take what I need and leave the rest for other mommas so we can all have a great holiday experience.

As a mom I know how much I want my kids to enjoy the holidays. I realize gifts aren't all that matters! I do not want my kids to think it's all about the presents, but spending time with family and enjoying life. I also want to make sure I find something for my girls to donate. I have a few "extra" presents I got super cheap that are high quality we will be donating. Teaching my girls to give even a little if you can.

I am hoping to get further insight from my other blog mommas :) Last year I had only just begun my thrifty journey! I am looking forward linking up other bloggers suggestions and tips to help us all save on the holidays.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Toys R Us Deals, including Leap Frog!

There are a lot of things "Buy 2 get 1 Free" this week at TRU (through 9/26). One thing that caught my eye is the Leap Frog toys and books. The books are $13.99 each and there are coupons out there.

I did do well at Target (getting the older Tag reader for $2.48) and Kmart (getting a few books for $.80) but Kmart didn't have many titles. This is a great sale to pick up the fun titles!

I do have a $5 off of $25 purchase as well. Others can be found including any Babies R Us coupons floating around.

So if you buy 3 books:
-$5/$25 TRU/BRU purchase
-2 or 3 (not sure if you can use the 3rd) $4 off Leap Frog books (found on Leap Frog site HERE)
$27.98 for 2 books, 3rd free
-$5 total purchase coupon
-$8 or $12 (depending on how many coupons they will allow)
Total= $10.98 to $14.98 for 3 books!

You could also use it on the toys:

Many toys are around $21.99

$43.98 for 2 toys, get the 3rd free
-$5/$25 total purchase coupon
-$8 or $12 (again depends), $4 off Leap Frog toys (select toys) on the Leap Frog site
$26.98-$30.98 for 3 toys!

The cheapest I've seen those toys (the new ones they just launched) is $16.99 each. 3 would run you $50.97!!

Also you could use this on the Leap Frog Tag readers, which have $10 off Q's on Leap Frogs site! And poof, you'd been done Christmas shopping for all the little ones in your life ;)

Another great deal is to get the Tag reader cards. They have $7.99 animal cards (only saw 2 types online) which you could grab those and another item.

And FINALLY, since my daughters bday is in Nov I remember that TRU has LOTS of these buy 2 get 1 free coming over the next month or so. I remember getting lots of Fisher Price stuff last year. Just remember to print any Qs you see now for toys that may become handy in the next month.

Old Navy Clearance additional 50% off!!

I know Old Navy can vary on their Clearance sales, but it's totally worth checking it out!! I went on Saturday and got over $100 worth of stuff regular price for $7. I did have gift cards, but still great prices! Khakis for $5 for me! It was a ME trip :) I had $14 in gift cards for that trip, but got a lot!

Above is a picture of my trip today. My husband had a gift card for his birthday so I did have to spend a majority on him ;). I tried to total the regular price and it seems it was well over $300, and I paid $11 after gift card ($30 gc)!!

Even at $41 (w/o the gc) it was a killer deal! I got 4 pairs of jeans (3 for me :), they only had 1 pair in his size I swear!), 2 pairs of other pants, 1 pair of yoga capris, 1 shirt for me, 2 sweatery shirts for him, 1 t-shirt for him, 1 pair of shorts for him, 2 t-shirts for my baby, 1 hat for my baby....I think that's it.

I really didn't even look through the women's pants much. I bought myself 2 pairs of men's jeans and they are awesome! Of course the 1 pair of women's I bought are not as great, but for $3.49 I'll deal!

I also used a $10 off of $50 I found on old navy weekly to make this deal even better.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Target and Shaws trip 9/15

I would have taken a pic of my haul but I got home about an hour after I expected and needed to feed people. Also I did get hassled at the Target I went to. They did not want to take coupons for a few items I had where the coupon did not specify a size. As in I could get any size. Well I bought the travel sized item, again the coupon did not say "excludes trial size" like they normally do when they, well exclude trial size!

They also refused a coupon for Healthy Choice meals, for no reason. It beeped so they would not take it. Also the "supervisor" who decided to rummage through my coupons actually asked me if I photocopied my coupons. I only had 4 of 1 coupon, which really isn't a lot. They took the first 3, but the 4th beeped so they wouldn't take it.

I'm assuming this Target was recently reprimanded about coupons? I honestly do not shop this one very often since they are slightly higher priced than other Targets in our area. I was just at another one yesterday and they pushed through coupons that beeped as long as it was the correct item (which I am diligent about!).

Anywho, here are my receipts and 2 hangtags I found at Target.

The Coupon Clippin' Mama reported that she saw these hangtags at her Target. One is for Natures Source:

Natures Source $2.49
-$1/1 Target hangtag
-$1/1 peelies or coupon from the paper
= $.49!!

The other is for Glade fabric and air:

Buy 2 Glade Fabric and Air at $2.99 each
-2 $2 off Target hangtags
-BOGO from the paper

I also got $.16 Glade Fragrance Tins!

Sale price $1.66
-$3/1 Any Glade Fragrance Collection item (buy 2 to keep it from beeping)
-$3/2 (buy 2) Any 2 Glade Fragrance Collection
-$1.50/1 found in the tins themselves

As a bonus if you use the $3/1 and buy 2 tins you can also use the BOGO refill coupon that is out there!

In totally I got 17 items for $12.35, saved $34.07 and received a $5 gift card back. $7.50 of that was clothes!! I did leave a little bummed because they did not honor some coupons. But I will go to my regular store next time.

Ok so now Shaws:

Oikos yogurt 2/$3
-$1/1 Whole Foods Coupon (in the newsletter)
-$.75/2 HERE

Yo Baby 3-in-1 meal $1
-$1 HERE (not sure how long it will be available!)

Keebler Crackers (the peanut butter and club cheddar sandwich type) $2.50
-$.55 ($1.10 doubled) HERE

I also got $.35 loaves of Shaws bread (3 loaves) and 8 Hamburger rolls $.35 too, 4 pizza shells for $2, BOGO Turkey burger, and a reduced Angus Steak. Oh and I also bought a $4.44 pizza for dinner because I was so late getting home.

I spent $22.38, saved $23.57, bought 21 items. I do like to keep it around $1 an item

That wasn't the best shaws deal this week but they were out of several things. It also seems if you buy 10 Vitamin Waters you get a $3 OYNP (saw the lady in front of me do this and also use $.40 off the Select soups that are part of the catalina deal this week, lucky duck she is!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

$5 LUVS coupon available 9/15

Tomorrow you can get a $5 off Luvs coupon!! That will make for cheap diapers at...well Target or Walmart :) I swear I don't work for Target.

Go HERE to grab yours! I'd do it early since everyone is chatting about this!!

Target deals this week!! Hot place to be!

Check out Stretching a Buck for most of the good deals at Target this week. I say that because there are so many deals this week it's hard to keep up. I think most of the blogs I have listed to the right have a Target post and each has something different. Coupon Clippin' Mama keeps updating her blog with deals she is finding too.

The Thrifty Mama brought up a great point today (one of her readers actually). Target will price match advertised prices that are not dependent upon a savings card or membership (ex: CVS deals that require you to use your CVS card). Walgreens has Kashi cereal listed as 2/$5. Target has it for $2.88 a box. You can use that to get an even better deal this week!! They will even do a price adjustment for up to 7 days after purchase. Too bad I didn't know that yesterday and tossed my receipt!

Dollar Tree sells Sunday papers?

That's what I'm hearing! Coupon Clippin' Mama got her Sunday paper there this weekend. I will have to check it out myself this weekend, but wouldn't that be fantastic? I know the one near me sells papers, but if you live around here you know some Sunday papers really stink. Half of the time the smaller papers only have 1 insert when the big paper has 3. So at the very least it may not be a bad place to go and get a an extra insert.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

CVS deal week of 9/13

Check out The Thrifty Mamas CVS post. I am particularly excited about the Dove/Degree deodorant deal.

Coupon Clippin' Mama also posted some deals too.

Target week of 9/13, get on the Gift Card train!

There are a few deals this week at Target. I'm waiting for someone to repost the details, but here is what I saw.

Buy 5 Kashi items (select items) and receive a $5 Target Gift Card.

Items are $2.88 x 5= $14.40
-$1.50 off of Honey Sunshine cereal HERE
-$1/2 TLC bars HERE
-$1.50/2 Any Kashi cereal HERE


Buy 5 Honey Sunshine cereal @$2.88 x 5= $14.40
-5 $1.50 off Honey Sunshine cereal - $7.50
= $6.90 after coupons
-$5 gift card from last week (if you have one)

5 boxes of cereal for $1.90 and I'd receive another $5 gift card.

**LOOK for peelies on the Go Lean cereal for $1/1 cereal, $1/1 frozen Kashi, $1/1 crackers or cookies.

Now you may be thinking, WHOA 5 boxes??!! But I will tell you we go through cereal fast and having a great stockpile is how you save money. Now I don't have to run out and buy cereal at full price.

Also I could buy 3 boxes of cereal and 2 boxes of bars and still only pay $3.90 and get a $5 gc!


I'm also going to check out this deal for Ritz Crackers that Coupon Gal posted. IF Ritz Crackers are $2.50 you can use the buy a box of Ritz and get a box of Ritz crackerfuls free. That works out to $1.25 a box.

Learning Curve Deal still going!!

Cheap toys people! Thomas the train and others! HERE was my original post and try code WELCOME20 (may still be working) to try to get $20 off a $40 purchase for new customers. They have a lot of toys and other stuff you can get a great deal on! Clearance starting at $1.99!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Chicco Giveaway...

Go to Stretching a Buck and check out a giveaway for a new Chicco toy! It seems pretty cool and what a great gift that would make!

High Value Kid Essential Coupons!!

Normally I wouldn't buy these because they are expensive and really drinks are no replacement for food. Perhaps as a boost when your little one has a cold or as a treat ;)

So HERE are 2 coupons!

One is a BOGO and the other is $5 off a multipack!

Not bad!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mambo Sprouts

If you haven't yet, you should check out Mambo Sprouts. Sign up and receive the coupon booklet 3 or 4 times a year. They are filled with Organic coupons! I love them! It appears there is going to be a Pirates Booty coupon, which is one of my favorite snacks! They also have some great giveaways, printable coupons, and recipes!

The current contest is HERE. It includes Keen products, which I also love!

While you are there don't forget to print some coupons!

Stop & Shop and Shaws deals 9/11-9/17

Honestly I don't see many deals for this week at Stop & Shop. I'm sure as the week goes on I will find something to add. I usually do once I go there and use the scan gun. Here is what I have so far:

White Seedless Grapes $.99/lb

Broccoli bunches or crowns $.88/lb

PopTarts 8ct or Raisin Bran $2
-You should be able to use THIS for $.55/1 (should double)for PopTarts.
= $.90 a box!

There is also a $1/2 Poptart and Rainsin Bran from the Fuel for School insert.

33% off of Arnold breads
-$1/1 in Sept All You magazine (should still be on sale for a few more days).
= could be a good deal.

Shaws is having a catalina deal this week Sara has all the details HERE. The deal is listed on the back of your circular. You should also check out
Hot Coupon World Shaws Forum. They usually post deals and coupon match ups for each week.

Other deals:

Oikos yogurt 2/$3
-$.75/2 HERE($1.50 when doubled)
-$1/1 Whole Foods coupon
= $.75 each or Free!

UPDATE: 5 inserts this week?

Well a few blogs are posting there will be 5 inserts in the paper this weekend! Woohoo! Not all areas may get all 5 inserts, so as always look in the paper before buying it. Check out the list Coupon Clippin' Mama posted.

$10/$25 Macy's Sept 11th & 12th

Go HERE for a $10 off $25 coupon! Thanks Coupon Clippin' Mama!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ok playing around here...

I am trying out some new templates here. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, lol, but I'm trying! I am working on the tool bar under the banner. So please don't worry if something isn't working 100% for the next few days :)

Stop & Shop Cheap Natures Source Products and Booty!

For The Mommas posted a deal for Stop & Shop/Giant customers. Click on the link to get all the details.

Here is a brief version:

UPDATED: The original deal I found doesn't seem to be in this area, booo! But they do have an decent deal if you need cleaner. Here is the one I saw today (remember sales change tomorrow):

Buy 2 Natures Source products for $5.98 ($2.99 each)
Use 2 $.55/1 coupons $-.2.20

Total=$3.78 Plus get $2 OYNP!

I have bought 2 Skippy Naturals earlier this week and got a $1 OYNP catalina I could use towards this, making it $2.78 OOP for me, plus $2 OYNP. They do have $1 peelies on some items.

I saw this deal yesterday at Stop & Shop. Looks like I need to print some coupons and go back!

Another GREAT deal at Stop & Shop this week is the Pirates Booty! Yes, I said Pirates Booty! It's a fantastic snack food found in the organic isle. You should have $1/2 coupon from a while back. Well use the Stop & Shop scan gun and see if you have the offer for BOGO for Pirates Booty!

So here is the break down:

Buy 2 Pirates Booty 2/$5 this week $5
BOGO in the gun -$2.50
$1/2 coupon -$1.00

Total= $1.50 for 2 bags of Pirates Booty!!

Yum! I love this stuff. It's great as a diet snack and my kids love it too!

Baby Deals...

Baby Earth has a great clearance deal they do daily. If you go to their homepage, all you have to do is click on the clearance tab to see the daily deal. It's during the weekdays, pretty much office hours. Basically they put an item up and keep marking it down until it sells out. Then they put another item up. It's a great way to grab some cheap baby stuff.

There is also a great deal coming up 9/20 at Rite Aid on diapers. I am trying to find the post, so I'll update when I do find it. I know Huggies will be 3/$11 and there will be a $10 SCR (Single Check Rebate). You can use 3 of the $3 Huggies Naturals AND there is a $2 Rite Aid Huggies coupon! The deal should come to be under $2 a pack from what I read. I'll keep looking!

Coupon Preview!!

For The Mommas

I LOVE this blog I recently found! Thanks to The Thrifty Mama who has button on her blog!

So here is the coupon preview for the paper this week. Take a look and decide how many papers you want to get. Love this! Click HERE and a HUGE thanks to For The Mommas for posting this!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ugg sale!- UPDATE!!

Ok so Uggs are more than just the boots. Did you know that? I honestly had no idea how many shoes they made! Anyway over at 6pm.com they are going to be 80% off msrp starting today (9/8-?). Ok so I was able to snag a pair for $24! Great since I have no winter boots and sneakers only get you so far with 2 little kids :). There are some left, different sizes and shapes. I just found a pair of mens slipper looking shoes in my size (I'm not getting them, but you get the idea!).

Hope some of us are lucky enough to snag some!

Target deals: Updated!

There is a great Fiber One gift card deal you can roll! Check at the details HERE at Coupon Clippin' Mama. Buy 5 of the products get a $5 gift card. There are Target General Mills coupons that work with this AND manufacture coupons. I was able to spend less than $5 and get my $5 gift card!

It seems you may be able to get Free or cheap Cocoa Puffs at Target this week. For the Mommas has the info on the deal. If they are on sale for $1.99, use the coupons in the link to get them free. Just an FYI- They were $2.94 at my store. Sometimes that happens with Target. Oh well!

There are also a few coupons for Nutragrain bars. One is a Target coupon and one is a manufacture coupon (was in the paper about a month ago). If you buy 2 boxes you'll get $2 off. You can find the Target coupon HERE. You can print as many as you'd like. Some stores will only allow you to use one target coupon per transaction, but many of them will let you use more rather than do multiple transactions.

There are several other coupons listed there that will stack nicely with manufacture coupons. In some cases (for instance with deodorant) you may find the item on clearance, score!

If you find yourself at the store and forgot your target coupons, you can print them at the gift registry. They have Target.com available at the registry computer and you can access them on their site.

Another great giveaway...

Feed Your Stash Friday: September 4-11, 2009

Feed Your Stash Friday is a great weekly giveaway! Check it out! It's cloth diapering products. I enter every week. Even if you don't cloth diaper now, it would be a great way to try it or a great shower gift.

Woot Laptop deal today!!

Ok The Thrifty Mama has posted THIS deal from WOOT. Keep in mind it's Linux Operating System, that may not be for everyone. It is a netbook so for the most part it is for...well surfing the net! Not a bad Christmas deal for someone!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another great giveaway!!

The best giveaway so far!! Check out Thrifty and Chic Mom for a great stroller giveaway!!!

Looks like a fantastic stroller! Some of these bloggers are lucky ducks to have companies asking them to test great products :) I'll keep taking advantage of their giveaways though!

Freebies from a new fav blog!

So I just mentioned before the blog Confessions of A Thrifty Mama. Well I was looking at her site further and she has some great freebies I haven't seen anywhere else.

First, if I've told you once, I've told you 1000 times...JOIN VocalPoint!!! Follow that link to join and get a free full sized Secret Clinical Strenth deodorant. Normally they email you or send you coupons/samples in the mail. Always great coupons!

Second check out Walmarts sample of Kotex items HERE.

I also like this blog because she is featuring Stop & Shop. It's hard to find the great deals there some weeks. I have been doing pretty well there and will start posting any deals I see. I'll also be checking the blog I am raving about here for her deals.

Give Away!!

Check out Confession of a Thrifty Mama here for a Giveaway for a Stop & Shop gift card ending shortly! I love finding new blogs!

I have won 1 contest from a blog, lol! So you can win sometimes! :)

Rite Aid Diaper deal coming up!

I believe this says it starts 9/20. Here is the scoop from another great site I found via The Thrifty Mama. It's called For The Mommas. Follow that link to find out the great Huggies deal coming up at Rite Aid!! I cloth diaper but I do like to have disposables on hand for baby sitters or if we get backed up with laundry.

My Target/Kmart loot!

I got all of this for $13.64, retail value $207!! Merry Christmas to my kids! :)

Not included in this is the Kung Fu Panda book Sara found for me at another Kmart! I do owe her $.80 and my gratitude for that ;)

Check the Clearance time!!!

Here is one trip to the mall I had last week. I got a bunch of OP clothes for my girls and one pair of shorts for a special little boy I know. I also got 2 pairs of Victoria Secret undies and an VS eyeshadow. I spent under $10 on all of this. I love runs like this because I can start to fill their closets with clothes for next year! That way I'm buying very little, if anything full price when summer comes. One of the shirts my oldest can where year round with sweatshirts or a long sleeve shirt under it.

There are so many ways to be thrifty!!

Leap Frog Tag system $2.48 at Target!

Ok so pay attention here! SOME of the Leap Frog Tag systems are on clearance for $12.48 at Target. They are the ones that do not have "Cat in the Hat" in the box. Apparently they don't hold as many books as the new "Cat in the Hat" ones, but they are still $49 everywhere else. There is a $10 off coupon HERE making them $2.48 after coupon!!! I was lucky enough to find 3 for the little ones in my life. Now make sure you scan the ones you find. Some people are reporting the new ones rang up as $12.48 and others (like myself) found the older ones behind the new ones with no tag showing they've been marked down!!

As if that isn't great enough, Kmart has some of the books marked down to $4.80. Use THIS $4 off Tag book coupon and make them $.80!!

Now they aren't discontinuing the product, just launched some new books and a larger MB device, so no worries ;)

With both stores don't be discouraged if they do not have a clearance price tag! SCAN them!!!

The Coupon Clippin Mama posted this deal a few days ago and I needed to check it out for myself!

Monday, August 31, 2009

If Crocs aren't your thing....

Perhaps you'd like to get some Simple Shoes for super cheap? Well The Thrifty Mama just posted about some great clearance deals HERE! I took advantage of the Crocs deals so I will probably have to sit this one out :)

Don't forget to use Cashbag and get 7% back! If you haven't signed up yet use this link HERE to sign up! They give you $5 just for signing up. Once you get up to $10 in savings they cut you a check or drop it into your Paypal account! Woohoo!

Once you sign up go to the store list and look for Simple Shoes. There you'll find the clearance section with all the great deals!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crocs Deal!! Woohoo!!!!

**Sorry I just realized the link wasn't working. It is now!**

So The Thrifty Mama posted THIS great Crocs deal! It's a BOGO on select styles and The Thrifty Mama posted a discount code!

I saw some on there as low as $14.99 for kids. So you could get 2 pairs for as low as $11.25!! Shipping was free! I got a pair for my almost 3yr old and myself for $18.74 shipped. The pair I got was regularly $35 so I paid nearly half price for mine and got my daughters free!!

I should also add they have GREAT customer service! I ordered from them once before and one of the items I ordered had an issue which they contacted me about. They sent me a free pair to compensate. It was awesome of them!

Friday, August 28, 2009

$39.99 Dell Pocket Video Recorder!

Here is the DEAL!!

I want one myself, but my husband isn't as excited about it as I am. So I figured I'd pass the deal on to you! Thanks to The Thrifty Mama!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Nursing Covers, just pay shipping!

So I saw this deal on my new love A Full Cup. It's a great site similar to hotcouponworld, but somewhat easier to navigate.

Anyway if you are pregnant or know someone who is, check out this site Udder Covers. Add one to your cart and use the code backorder1 and it deducts the cost of the cover ($32)! So free plus $8.95 for shipping. Great shower present! Now they did this a few months ago from what I hear. Most people got theirs no problem, but a few did not. Once they contacted the company they did fix the problem. So make sure if you do not have the item within 2 weeks of when you expect it (many on backorder) you contact them.

As with any online store, do a little googling on the company before ordering. Sometimes those with good or bad experiences are not on the site the deal is posted on. This way you are protecting yourself and getting a great deal. Some deals just aren't worth it, so always check it out!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Weekly Giveaway from Cloth Diaper Blog!!

Feed Your Stash Friday: August 21-28, 2009

These are great Giveaways! Even if you don't cloth diaper now, how about some free stuff to get started? I am hoping to win something new to try! Great blog too!

Check them out HERE.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Shaws trip 8/21...Saved 82%!!

All this for $11.11 :) and I received $10 off my next purchase (catalina's). How you ask?

Well, I had:
$10 in catalinas from last weeks promotion
Free box of Rice Krispies coupon
2 $1 off Rice Krispies
3 $1.50 ($.75 ones that doubled) Morning Star
5 $1 ($.50 doubled) Lipton Tea
$1 off Propel

The carrots, scalloped potatoes, propel, bagels, jello, laundry detergent, canola oil spray, and mushrooms were all reduced items.

The Rice Krispies and Morning Star generated the catalina's. I spent $25 shelf price on those items. The cereal was $4.49 shelf price on sale for $2.50. The Morning Star had a shelf price of $4.99, on sale for $3.33. $28.44 was the shelf price for those items. The sale price was$16.99, $7.99 after coupons, free (if I use all $10 in catalina's) or $2.99 (if I use only $5 in catalina's). The Morning Star Chic'N Tenders did NOT generate the catatlina even though it should have ('all varieties" and it was in the size listed).

Overall I saved at least $49.xx. I say that because the reduced items are manually put in so their regular prices are not accounted for by the register. I bought 24 items, works out to $.46 an item!

Now I plan on going back again this week for a few more items.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shaw's Scenario for 8/21

Ok so I have a guesstimated scenario for this week with 2 products. I know there are tons of other product coupons out there so keep in mind this is only one possibility.


5 12oz Rice Krispies $2.50 each
1 Morning Star Products $3.33 each
$26.94 shelf price (assuming the Morning Stars are $4.49 also)

- $2.50 FREE box of Rice Krispies coupon from Vocal Point
-$4 ($1 off Rice Krispies from Vocal point)
-$1.50 ($.75 off Morning Star's doubled)
$7.83 new total

Now I have 2 $5 catalinas that I can use. I would use 1 here and pay $2.83 out of pocket. I will then get $10 to use on my next purchase!

This isn't the best deal out there, I will tell you that right now. I am trying to stick with what I want to have in my house. I would love 10 boxes of Pop Tarts, but my hips would not :)

I would like to find some Hunts can, Ro*Tel, and Pam coupons. I could also use some more popcorn.

Shaws deals starting 8/21

In case you haven't received your Shaws circular for this upcoming week (starting Friday), I will inform you now, there is another good catalina deal!

Catalina's are the funny little printers that randomly (or so you thought) prints coupons, promotions, etc. Well turns out they are generated by what you buy and the promotions going on. So this upcoming week you can get yourself $10 in catalina's good on your next purchase (aka do the deal more than once and use your catalinas!)!!

So take a good look at your back page of your circular. You see something like "Spend $25 on these products, get $10 off your next purchase". This "$25" is based on the regular price or shelf price as it's called, not the sale price. This is good news since that is a higher price, making it very easy to get to $25!!

Look HERE for the discussion on Hot Coupon World about the deal! Some good info will be posted there throughout the week with deal scenarios, where to find coupons, and issues (if any). They also have a scan of this weeks ad if you haven't received yours yet!

So far I'm planning on using my Morning Star $.75 (which will double) off 1 coupon and my Vocal Point (check them out HERE) loot of a FREE box of Rice Krispies!!

The 12oz Rice Krispies shelf price is $4.49 and the Morning start is right around that price (maybe $4.69, forgot to look at them today). I will use the $10 in catalina's I have from this weeks deal to make my out of pocket really low!

Look at Hot Coupon Worlds coupon database for other coupon match ups and ALL YOU magazine (sold at Walmart) has plenty of these coupons most of the time!

More specifics to come. Just wanted to explain the deal for all the newbies!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Thrifty Mama Forums are launched!

Go HERE to check out The Thrifty Mama's (my fav blogger who got me hooked on coupons and blogging!) new forum. I was part of the beta testing and it was a great place to connect with other thrifty peeps and share ideas. There are tons of other areas to look at too. Two of my favorite things are the Domestic Diva section where people post recipes and the craft section where people share patterns, etc.

Right now she has 3 great giveaways you can take advantage of. Just go register at the link above. Check out the forums. Post a few comments, questions, ideas (I think 5 is the minimum to enter the contests) and then go enter the contests!

I am a fan of forums in general because they are pretty instant and full of great information! This is just the beginning of The Thrifty Mama forum so it's a smaller community at the moment. Check it out and let her know what you think!

My Whole Foods Love is Over!

Well I'm sorry to say I'm not a huge fan of Whole Foods from a coupon stand point. I do love how helpful and super friendly everyone is, and if there was one closer, I'd probably frequent them more. However, they have now annoyed me with their coupon policy. Why you ask?

Well quite frankly, they have no policy. That could be great or terrible. So far it's been terrible around here. I know other bloggers have had mixed experiences with them, so definitely check out your local store. Speak with the manager if you can. I went on a quest to find out their exact policy and was essential told they leave that up to each store to decide what is best for their customers. Unfortunately in my area, it seems they aren't very interested in couponer's. There are 2 stores within 5-7 minutes of each other and I was told 2 very different policies leaving me more confused.

Now the email that was sent to me made a reference to some couponers hoarding the Whole Foods newsletters so that is why they let the stores decide what is best for that location. I don't know about you, but my locations have so many newsletters they still had tons of June/July ones when I went today. My stores seem to want to allow the very minimum for couponing.

At any store you can run into this problem, but it's very frustrating when you can't even get a definite answer from their corporate office. I do like to follow the stores guidelines and try to avoid hassle at the register. This is kind of hard when I have no policy to go by, it all depends on the manager on duty that day. So far I have only met what seem to be supervisors.

My wish would be for them to embrace couponers a little bit more. No they may not think they are a great customer to have, but they are getting the money back I am using in manufacture coupons. There is no difference between me and a person who pays full price. They should allow coupon stacking since their store coupons do not say manufacture coupons. They could allow more than one store coupon in a transaction because they do not say 1 per transaction. If they do not want to do these things consistently, then change your wording.

Couponers are fickle. We do not continue to shop at places where we feel hassled or treated like we are trying to rip them off (like I was treated today "I can't give you this for free"...well honey you aren't. You were getting a $1 back from the manufacture, so what's the difference??).

Now I'm not dumb enough to think some people do not take advantage of things. Of course they do. I am doing things the right way and that's how I advocate doing things for sure! But there is a middle ground here. I was just treated like an idiot today and honestly I ended up schooling them about how other stores work (including the one a few minutes away).

Bottom line is, I'll probably only be going to Whole Foods when they have some really great deals going on. Otherwise I'll save myself the hassle.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cheap Thomas Trains!!

So if you have a toddler, you know how insanely expensive Thomas trains are! My daughter has only seen the show a handful of times, but we have a Toys R Us down the road and she is ALWAYS playing with the train table whenever we go in there. A while back they had a coupon for a free train. You could choose from 3. Well we ended up with all 3 because everyone I know printed a coupon for her.

Anyway, Learning Curve is having a sale and they have a promotion for $20 off your $40 purchase if you are a new customer. You can find all the details HERE. There are plenty of other toys to choose from if you can't find enough Thomas items you want.

All in all I got 10 items for $27 shipped! My total without the sale and promo would have been $89!! With Christmas coming up and my daughters birthday, I am taking advantage of any sales I find!

I found a train table on clearance at Target for $25 (was $99) and then she got her free trains. Basically all of her train items and table cost me $52 and were regular price at $222! It definitely pays to take advantage of the sales!

And thanks to The Thrifty Mama for posting a great deal!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Great Product!!

Ok this is yet again another "organic" post. Sorry, but I had to share. One thing I am doing to be green and thrifty is cloth diapering. I had tried a few diapers in the past and some were better than others. This time around I was going to go with BumGenius 3.0's which are a fantastic diaper, but in my research I found GroBaby diapers. These were not out a year ago when I was buying diapers for my 1yr old, so I was interested to see what all the buzz was about.

Well I found nothing but great reviews. A few negative points here and there, but they were relatively minor. I began looking at the cost side of it (of course!) and found a few things.

1. The GroBaby system was cheaper than many other all in one/one size diapers out there, for me. To buy other pocket or all in one diapers I would have to buy 14-18 diapers to last me 2 days. That would cost anywhere from $252-$324. Going with GroBaby I spent $230.55. Of course that's not HUGE savings over the other diapers, but the packages I bought came with extras that I couldn't get with other systems. I put together 2 packages which allowed me enough diapers for up to 3 days. The numbers I figured for the other diapers (14-18) were based on 2 days, perhaps with an extra diap or two if you are looking at the higher number. Now I still wash diapers every 2 days, but if we have a big day I won't be strapped and my diapers are getting less usage so they should last longer. If I wanted that same situation with other diapers I would have had to spend the $324 range.

2. Like I mentioned above I bought 2 packages. I kind of made my own. I found the "full time" package they offered to be overkill for a 1yr old. We go through 6-8 diapers a day. Using the GroBaby I go through 2-3 shells a day and about 6 or 7 soakers, 1 booster for night time. The "full time package" comes with 10 full set ups (so 10 shells, 10 boosters, 10 soakers), 14 soakers, and 6 boosters. That package is $354.28. It's a great package for younger babies that is for sure, but more than what we needed. So I bought 2 smaller packages. In total I have 7 shells, 15 soakers, and 9 boosters. It costs me over a hundred dollars less and is perfect for us.

So far they have been fantastic! They are easy to use. They clean nicely and are very absorbent. I honestly only have a few small complaints. One is that they seem smallish. My 1yr old is probably going to grow out of them long before she is potty trained. A bit disappointing since I really like them! I have been using their detergent (bought it to get to my reward level, see below) and it's great too. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about cloth to give these a whirl! Even if you are already into to cloth but haven't tried them. Check them out on facebook too. They have a lot of giveaways and seem super nice!

Now to the rewards thing. I ordered from Soft Cloth Bunz (www.softclothbunz.com). Quick delivery and awesome rewards program. Order from them and your purchase can help you get free stuff from the site. My order qualified me for a $10 gift certificate. They also had the best pricing for the GroBaby packages.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my love for GroBaby!

A Thrifty Mom


Here is a great blog I've been checking out for a while. Lots of good deals and giveaways! Check it out and let me know what you think!

A Thrifty Mom

Interesting Promotion...

Yeah I know I've been posting a lot of organic/natural things lately. But I just keep coming across those types of deals and want to share them. If you are a couponer and eat well you may have purchased (or may in the future purchase) Bear Naked Granola products. I bought 2 bags the other day at Stop & Shop because I noticed they were on sale for $3.99/bag (regular $4.79) and I had $1 off Whole Foods coupon for Bear Naked (Stop & Shop takes competitors coupons) and $1 off Bear Naked coupon. $2 for a great granola is fantastic!

So I was reading the bag today when eating it and saw they had said "don't throw this bag away" and they referred me to a website. Well if you go HERE they explain why you should send your bags back to them. They will either donate money to a local school or you can acquire points and get a T-shirt or bag. It takes about 5 packages to get a bag and about 6 to get a T-shirt.

I just found it interesting!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vocal Point, Thanks Sara!

I was just reading my good friend Sara's blog and she posted about Vocal Point. If you haven't signed up on their site, now is the time. They send great coupons (both via email and snail mail) and product info, etc. It's a great way to find out about new products (like the new bounce bar, which they just sent coupons for) or get coupons for products you use now!

This week I received two mailings from them. First was a Rice Krispies one with a coupon for a free box of cereal plus 4 $1 off coupons. Then today I received another with 1 $2.50 Bounce Bar coupon and 2 or 3 $1 off as well. They don't send a lot of junk only quality, high end stuff you use already. They are constantly sending printable coupons to your email too. Again not overwhelming, but I LOVE it because often it's Kashi coupons!

Anyway, check it out! They have forums and chat all that fun stuff too. I am just in it for the goodies! Vocal Point

Girls LLBean Shoe deal!

This is a great sale for anyone looking for Girls shoes (sorry no toddler sizes in this style). The Thrifty Mama posted this deal a few days ago with this free shipping code 3012422. I'm not sure if the code is still working, but there are still a few sizes left in all 3 colors. LLBean has great quality in everything. I would grab a pair but it would be several years before my girls would be ready for these sizes!

Check it out HERE

Another great giveaway!

Feed Your Stash Friday: August 14-21, 2009

Every week this blog gives away some cloth diapers or diapering accessories. This week is all about Fuzzi Bunz. Check out the giveaway here. Great blog, great giveaways! Oh and you can enter even if you've never tried cloth diapers! Great way to get your feet wet!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Looking for some healthy deals?

Well The Thrifty Mama (see my favorite things on the left :)) posted about this blog yesterday. I checked it out and it seems like a fantastic resource for organic and other health foods. The Thrifty Mama has also started a Whole Foods posting once a week which has enlightened me to all of the deals I can get there! I honestly didn't realize how well I could do at Whole Foods!

I found this all very exciting since my youngest has issues with dairy. I always try to eat well, but it used to seem impossible when I started couponing. Deals and coupons seemed to be on foods I was trying to avoid. But now I have found I wasn't looking in the right place :)

Between Whole Foods postings on The Thrifty Mama (and the Amazon deals she posts!) and this Organic Blog I can find plenty of deals! The Organic Deals blog has TONS of coupon resources too.

Just like other stores you can stack the Whole Foods coupons (you'll find the Whole Deal Newsletter booklet ALL around the stores loaded with coupons, grab a few they have tons!) with manufacture coupons to really get significant savings on items weekly. I have also found their prices to be better on some items then my local grocery chain.

Tonight I went to Stop & Shop and bought Bear Naked Granola. It is $4.79 regular price, $3.99 on sale. I used $1 off of Bear Naked products Whole Foods coupon AND a $1 off of Bear Naked products manufacture coupon. I saved a total of $2.80 a bag by buying when it was on sale and stacking coupons.

$5 off Fisher Price Trio Set

This may come in handy for the early Christmas shopping I am doing! I did try the Trio set out and they seem to be very easy to use for little kids and come in cool sets. I'm not sure how great of a deal this will be or how long the coupon is good for, but it's worth printing anyway! Sometimes Toys R Us has buy 2 get 1 free sales around the end of Oct where a few coupons like this would be fantastic!!

Go HERE to print.

Hey there, I'm BAAAACKKK!!

Ha! Just when you gave up on me :) I will probably be posting a lot of deals I'm seeing around the web, but I will always link you to the original post and give props to those who did all the leg work! I do have a few deals of my own findings :) but with less time these days, I am mostly following their lead!

Ok here is a great deal at Amazon that may expire soon since it is a great deal! Check it out here!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great Giveaway on Cloth Diapers!!

Feed Your Stash Friday: (3) BG OS + Baby Legs!

So I have been very busy and continuing the search for money saving ideas. One thing I am doing is cloth diapering. There are so many cloth diaper choices out there, but one way to get started is to try a staple like the BumGenius One Size diapers. If you cloth diaper already, this is a great conest! Follow this link to talk about your cloth diaper stash! You could win 3 BumGenius One Size diapers AND a pair of Baby Legs! It's a great blog and they have fabulous contests!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello...Is there anybody out there?!?!!?

Ok so I haven't been posting in the last month, so sorry! I think everyone has left me :( Well I have good reason. For one, I've been helping my mom out. Next we are renovating an apartment (basically gutted it) so I'm either working on it or keeping a 2.5yr old and a almost 1yr old (*weeping*) busy! Because of the renovation my house is a flippin mess!!!

Needless to say I don't really want to take pics of my finds when I can barely see my table, HA!

So over the last month the only super deals I've gotten have been on liquids (lots of free powerade, fuze, etc at the grocery store) and some good toy deals at Kmart.

I'm hoping in the next few weeks to start back up again with daily blogs. I need an outlet! :)

For now keep up with the great back to school freebies! Don't need it? Donate it! All Staples have a donation box for local charities. I buy the penny or quarter items and toss them in. Also consider donating them to your favorite local small business. While some of us are crafty enough to get these deals ourselves, some of them are too busy working hard to get time to pick these items up.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Target and Shaws fun!

As you may read on Sara's blog, we had an adventure at Target today. She did better than me in terms of deals (check out her blog here), but I did get what I needed.

They have Edy's small 6oz ice cream cups for $1.19 and there are $1 off Target coupons you can print and use. So $.19 for those! Also there is a great Smores coupon out there for $3 off when you buy all 3 ingredients for Smores ( Jetpuff marshmallows, Hersheys bars, and Honey___(? name is on the coupon) graham crackers). The total for all 3 items is $6, but with that Q it's $3. Not free, but a nice deal.

Also I grabbed 2 of their 18 gallon rope handle buckets on sale for $6 this week. They are fantastic toy buckets! A lot cheaper than other toy buckets or cloth buckets that size.

At shaws they do have a decent soda deal this week with Pepsi (buy 5 12 packs for $5 when use buy the Lays multipack for $5.99 using in ad coupon). Tomorrow is the last day of the sale. My friend/boss (lol) Lori informed me of another good deal this week at Shaws. Some Hefty sandwich and freezer bags are 2/$3 this week. There was a $1 off blinkie (little machine that spits out coupons that hangs on the shelves) right there. So each box of sandwich bags was $.50 after coupons!

Again not free but very cheap! Also keep your eye out of $$/$$$ (like $5 off of your next $40 purchase). They come out of the catalina machine and even if you find some laying there, grab them! You can use them!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sorry!! I have been slacking!!!

I have been busy this last week so I didn't get to shop too much or post anything for that matter!

Definitely hit CVS this week for some free (after ECBs) ThermaCare neck wraps and some free or money making Soy Joy bars. Even if you hate the bars you can use your BOGO coupons and make ECBs off of it and donate them!

There are also some great deals at Target. Here is a good deal at Target this week! Enjoy!

I will be posting some posts this week, I promise!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Projects around the house?

So got a crazy home project that you've been meaning to do? Well go price the project out. Try to see if there are any alternatives you can use like Oops paint or a different material. I love finding clearance items or returned items to use!

Also if you are doing a major project, break up the purchase into small transactions. You can buy it little by little and use smaller, better coupons! I have a few $5 off of $25 for True Value. Home Depot takes competitors coupons so I will use it there and save quite a bit of money by buying the materials in small chunks.

Friday, June 12, 2009

How to work deals

So here is a deal I did at Stop & Shop a few days ago. This was a classic example of finding a great coupon and matching it up with a sale. Stop & Shop had Powerade on sale for $1 each and if you bought 5 you got 2 free. This week I was enlightened to the art of finding coupons at gas stations (thanks sara!) where I found these Powerade $.75 off of 2 coupon. This coupon would be doubled at Stop & Shop.

So what I did was buy 8. The first 5 were $1 each, the 6th and 7th were free, and the 8th was also $1. So that came to a total of $6. I have 4 coupons which would each double to $1.50 each. This also totaled $6. Usually each week there is a deal like this out there. You just have to review the sales flyers and your coupons and find a great deal. Sometimes it's not a free item, but it may be a higher priced item for a really low price.

For example this week at Stop & Shop they have Hebrew National hot dogs BOGO. Also if you buy 2 you get a free Guldens Mustard! Sounds good already, right? Well there is a $1 printable for Hebrew Nationals here and Shaws has a $1 printable for them this week. At Stop & Shop (and Shaws, Target, CVS) you can use both a store coupon and a manufacture coupon on a given item. Competitor coupons are part of that! Also you can use a coupon for each item (even the free one) since you are purchasing the item. So I will use 2 $1 off manufacture coupons and 2 Shaws coupons and get $4 off the one Hebrew National I have to pay for. I will have to check the price of them to see if it's worth it. I have quite the stash already so I don't need to spend more than a dollar or two.

Look for other posts about the other match ups this week. I just search the 2 grocery store circulars I get and find coupons to go with them. Checking HotCouponWorld.com is another great way to find hidden sales and deals!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shaws 6/10...30 items, $.19 each!!

You might be thinking, "wow shaws again?" but you should be thinking, "wow you only did 3 transaction?"....Yeah I only did 3. I was trying to be quick and cheap. Ok as you can see here I got a lot of beverages. I got 24 drinks (go find yourself some BOGO tear pads at gas stations!) 12 Fuze and 12 Gold Peak Ice Tea, 3 frostings, 2 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter cooking sticks, and 1 Chex Mix.

I spent about $5.68 (I had an extra item not part of the deal in one transaction so I'm estimating) and got back a $5 off catalina! I spent $.19 an item! I saved about $43!

And don't forget to buy items you will use. Or if you are getting them for FREE you can donate anything you don't think you'll use. I have my daughters 1st birthday coming up so I will be cooking and using lots of frosting. And the drinks, well of course they are great for me or my husband when we are sick of water!

There is another GREAT catalina deal going next week for Shaws (Jewel/Osco and Acme usually all have the same deals). Check the last page of your circular for where it mentions getting $10 off on your next order. Then check out www.hotcouponworld.com under forums and grocery stores. Find your store and get some ideas!!! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shaws 6/9....I got 24 items for $17

Here was my haul today. It should have been less but I couldn't find a coupon for one item that I just had in my hand last night. Go figure. Anyway, I took advantage of the Shaws promotion this week (buy $25 worth of products listed on the back page get $10 back for your next purchase...you can also spend $15 get $5 or spend $10 and get $2).

I did buy a lot of other items that were not part of the sale, but were on sale. All four loaves of bread were marked down. I threw 3 in the freezer :).

Over all my total would have been over $50 and I paid $17 and got $5 back for my next purchase. I paid about $.71 an item! Not half bad. I do plan on going back for this transaction to roll my latest $5:

2 Total whole grains
3 Suddenly Salads
total presale price: $15.75
post sale price:$8
-$1 off Any 2 GM printable (in hotcouponworlds data base)
-3 $.40 off Suddenly Salad (they will double)
-$5 off my next purchase from todays transactions
$.80!! and I'll get $5 back for my next purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Shaws 6/5

I put my groceries away right away, sorry! I could have gotten one less chex item, but I was trying kind of winging it. Here's what I got as part of the deal (see the back page of your flyer, towards the bottom).

4 boxes of Cheerios
2 Wishbone Bountiful Salad dressing
1 Bisquick
1 Skippy Natural Peanut butter
2 Chex Mix
1 Suddenly Salad
= around $27 pre sale price
Sale price= $19.84
-4 $.55 Cheerios Q
-2 $.75 Wishbone Q
-1 $.60 bisquick Q
-2 $.50 Chex Mix Q
-1 $.80 Suddenly Salad
(couldn't find my Skippy Q, but found it when I got home!)
=$9.60ish got a $10 off my next purchase back!!

I spent more than some people have worked out this deal for. I wanted to only get things I needed this round since it's been reported to not work for some. So I wanted to have items I knew I needed. My next run I plan on doing some stocking up.

I do plan on getting 2 Skippy, some more Chex Mix/Chex Mix bars, Suddenly Salad, brownies, etc. :) Probably 2-3 more runs. I think I have that many Qs!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Salvation Army 6/3

Sorry I haven't been posting much. There really haven't been too many fantastic deals going on so I haven't been shopping much.

Here is my trip to Salvation Army today, for their family day. I got 16 items for $12.04.

I got 7 books for the kids

2 pairs of shorts for me (Calvin Klein and Gap)

1 Ralph Lauren jacket for my baby

1 Caters sweatshirt for my toddler

1 pair of capris for my toddler

1 shirt for my toddler

1 Carters dress for my baby

2 sundresses for my toddler

I used a $5 off of $15 or more coupon and got some clothes and books nice and cheap!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

CVS 5/29...5 items, $.48!!

I would say this was one of my best runs, but I had a $.22 run earlier this week and got 3 ECBs back! HA!

Today I bought:

2 Glade Soy Candles $4.99 each ($2 off this week)
-2 $4 Glade coupons

1 Ambi face wash clearanced to $3.50
-$3 off Ambi printable coupon

1 Purina dog treats Bonz on sale for $2.99
-$3 Purina printable (once you get a quote for their pet insurance)

1 Little Tikes teething toys $2.99

-$3 off of $15 purchase CVS Q printed at the price scanner
-$2 off a Skin Care purchase also printed at the scanner

=$19.46 plus tax before coupons

$.48 after, including tax!! 98% savings!! Woohoo!!

I am donating the Ambi and my baby is already loving the teethers!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stop & Shop Week of 5/29

There are a few good deals this week at Stop & Shop. I haven't been shopping there as much as Shaws because they don't have those great catalina deals usually.

This week is a bit different though!

They have select Kellogg's cereals 4 for $6, must buy four. The flavors included are Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops, or Rice Krispies (see flyer for sizes info). There are coupons for Apple Jacks and Rice Krispies that I know of. There are also 4 $1 doubler coupons on the flyer this week. You can use all 4 in one transaction of $15 or more.

If you buy 8, here is the scenario:

8 cereals at $12
-8 $1 off cereal coupons (if you have that many!)
-4 $1 doublers
= Free cereal!!

There is also a milk catalina promo going on but it's for 12oz or larger Kellogg's cereals. These are different than the ones included in the deal above. However, the Kellogg's cereals that are 14.5oz-16.3oz (and cereal cups?) are buy 4 save $4. You can combine this with the milk deal. I'm unsure of how great a deal this is with no pricing. I do have some $1 off mini wheats Q that might fall into this. The deal is buy 3 boxes get 1 free milk catalina, buy 5 get 2 free milk cats, buy 7 get 3!!

There are some other items that may be fantastic with the $1 doublers if you have the right coupons.

Arm & Hammer detergent is 2 for $5...if you have 2 $1 off of 1 coupons, this would be 2 bottles for $1!

Bagelfuls (*SARA this is for you!) are $2, if you have the $1 printable and $1 doubler, you can get FREE bagelfuls!!!

Ritz Toasted Chips are 2 for $5 there is a $1 printable so you could get them for $.50 a bag after coupon and doubler!

Planters Dry Roasted or Cocktail Peanuts are also 2 for $5. Also $1 off printable, so you can get them for $.50 each w/coupon and doubler!!

Nestles Drumsticks (yum) are 2 for $6. There have been $1 coupons printable (maybe also in the paper) for $1 off. Get them for $1 each using both coupon and doubler.

Monday, May 25, 2009

CVS 5/25

So a great run today. I spent $4.42 out of pocket and got back 3 ECBs. I honestly think I'm going back for one more round this week! It's just crazy! I also had to use some ECBs to get some expensive sensitive sunblock for my daughter, oh well!

I got:

2 Post Cereals
2 Planters nuts
2 Neutrogena Sunblock
2 Neurtrogena eye shadows
1 eye pencil
1 eye pencil sharpener
1 eye shadow
1 Stella D'Oro cookies
1 Clearasil wash
1 box of bandaids
1 Colgate toothpaste
1 box of Playtex Tampons
1 4ct of Wisps

Sunday, May 24, 2009

CVS 5/24 Great Week!!

I didn't get nearly as much as I could have. I was starting from the ground up this week with no ECBs so I wanted to begin with a relatively small transaction.

I got:

4 Sobe Life 0 waters- On sale as BOGO $1.69 each
2 Therma Care 3 pack neck wraps $6.99 each
1 Stella D'Oro breakfast cookies $1.40 (not really part of the deal, lol)
2 Purina Dog treats $2.99
Total=$27+ before discounts applied
-$4 off of $20 purchase CVS coupon emailed to me
-2 BOGO Sobe Life coupons (printables here)
-2 $3 Therma Care coupons on their site or here
-2 $3 Purina dog food or treat printables here
New Total=$7.35 including tax!! I received 5 ECBs back too!

I'm going to take those 5 ECBs and do another deal to get some ECBs!

Go here for all the great deals

Thrifty Clothes!

Ok so recently I had 2 events (and actually a 3rd coming up) to attend and no clothes to wear. I tried to be thrifty but I ended up splurging on myself :). But I have recently lost more weight and I have no summer clothes. What is a girl to do? Well I finally remembered to hit the Salvation Army on Wednesday when they have family day. Certain tags are half off (all but one tag color in this case). I bought a bunch of Gap and a few Ralph Lauren items. All were gently used and a great deal!

I also hit Old Navy's clearance pretty hard! In the pic you can see I few items I got. I got a pair of navy cords for $1.97. They are super cute on too! And I got a cute sweater for $1.97, it has an 1.5 inch hole on the seam on the side that I can easily sew. It was marked down the $1.97 for the hole. But it's a very minor defect that I can fix in 15 mins. I also got a tie for $.10!!! I have an Old Navy coupon (check www.oldnavyweekly.com thursday nights, late...or very very early Friday mornings) that I plan on using on clearance at another store.

Target is another great place to find clearance clothes. I often fill my girls closets at the end of each season with $.98 and $1.98 items.

Don't forget Walmart!! I recently needed a pair of nice dress pants for an interview. I went to old navy to check the clearance and they did not have much for dress pants. They had non clearance pants for $29.99. Well that was too much for me! So I went Walmart and found a great pair for $9 on clearance.

Just be careful to not over pay for used clothes. A consignment shop near me often has clothes for $3 and up. Right across the road at Target I often find shirts for less than $1, new. Same thing with Salvation Army or Savers. Some items are a great deal, but sometimes they are asking too much. Make sure you use good judgement and do not assume if it's a thrift shop it must be a great deal. Not always!!