Saturday, August 15, 2009

Great Product!!

Ok this is yet again another "organic" post. Sorry, but I had to share. One thing I am doing to be green and thrifty is cloth diapering. I had tried a few diapers in the past and some were better than others. This time around I was going to go with BumGenius 3.0's which are a fantastic diaper, but in my research I found GroBaby diapers. These were not out a year ago when I was buying diapers for my 1yr old, so I was interested to see what all the buzz was about.

Well I found nothing but great reviews. A few negative points here and there, but they were relatively minor. I began looking at the cost side of it (of course!) and found a few things.

1. The GroBaby system was cheaper than many other all in one/one size diapers out there, for me. To buy other pocket or all in one diapers I would have to buy 14-18 diapers to last me 2 days. That would cost anywhere from $252-$324. Going with GroBaby I spent $230.55. Of course that's not HUGE savings over the other diapers, but the packages I bought came with extras that I couldn't get with other systems. I put together 2 packages which allowed me enough diapers for up to 3 days. The numbers I figured for the other diapers (14-18) were based on 2 days, perhaps with an extra diap or two if you are looking at the higher number. Now I still wash diapers every 2 days, but if we have a big day I won't be strapped and my diapers are getting less usage so they should last longer. If I wanted that same situation with other diapers I would have had to spend the $324 range.

2. Like I mentioned above I bought 2 packages. I kind of made my own. I found the "full time" package they offered to be overkill for a 1yr old. We go through 6-8 diapers a day. Using the GroBaby I go through 2-3 shells a day and about 6 or 7 soakers, 1 booster for night time. The "full time package" comes with 10 full set ups (so 10 shells, 10 boosters, 10 soakers), 14 soakers, and 6 boosters. That package is $354.28. It's a great package for younger babies that is for sure, but more than what we needed. So I bought 2 smaller packages. In total I have 7 shells, 15 soakers, and 9 boosters. It costs me over a hundred dollars less and is perfect for us.

So far they have been fantastic! They are easy to use. They clean nicely and are very absorbent. I honestly only have a few small complaints. One is that they seem smallish. My 1yr old is probably going to grow out of them long before she is potty trained. A bit disappointing since I really like them! I have been using their detergent (bought it to get to my reward level, see below) and it's great too. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about cloth to give these a whirl! Even if you are already into to cloth but haven't tried them. Check them out on facebook too. They have a lot of giveaways and seem super nice!

Now to the rewards thing. I ordered from Soft Cloth Bunz ( Quick delivery and awesome rewards program. Order from them and your purchase can help you get free stuff from the site. My order qualified me for a $10 gift certificate. They also had the best pricing for the GroBaby packages.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my love for GroBaby!


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