Thursday, August 13, 2009

Looking for some healthy deals?

Well The Thrifty Mama (see my favorite things on the left :)) posted about this blog yesterday. I checked it out and it seems like a fantastic resource for organic and other health foods. The Thrifty Mama has also started a Whole Foods posting once a week which has enlightened me to all of the deals I can get there! I honestly didn't realize how well I could do at Whole Foods!

I found this all very exciting since my youngest has issues with dairy. I always try to eat well, but it used to seem impossible when I started couponing. Deals and coupons seemed to be on foods I was trying to avoid. But now I have found I wasn't looking in the right place :)

Between Whole Foods postings on The Thrifty Mama (and the Amazon deals she posts!) and this Organic Blog I can find plenty of deals! The Organic Deals blog has TONS of coupon resources too.

Just like other stores you can stack the Whole Foods coupons (you'll find the Whole Deal Newsletter booklet ALL around the stores loaded with coupons, grab a few they have tons!) with manufacture coupons to really get significant savings on items weekly. I have also found their prices to be better on some items then my local grocery chain.

Tonight I went to Stop & Shop and bought Bear Naked Granola. It is $4.79 regular price, $3.99 on sale. I used $1 off of Bear Naked products Whole Foods coupon AND a $1 off of Bear Naked products manufacture coupon. I saved a total of $2.80 a bag by buying when it was on sale and stacking coupons.


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