Monday, August 17, 2009

My Whole Foods Love is Over!

Well I'm sorry to say I'm not a huge fan of Whole Foods from a coupon stand point. I do love how helpful and super friendly everyone is, and if there was one closer, I'd probably frequent them more. However, they have now annoyed me with their coupon policy. Why you ask?

Well quite frankly, they have no policy. That could be great or terrible. So far it's been terrible around here. I know other bloggers have had mixed experiences with them, so definitely check out your local store. Speak with the manager if you can. I went on a quest to find out their exact policy and was essential told they leave that up to each store to decide what is best for their customers. Unfortunately in my area, it seems they aren't very interested in couponer's. There are 2 stores within 5-7 minutes of each other and I was told 2 very different policies leaving me more confused.

Now the email that was sent to me made a reference to some couponers hoarding the Whole Foods newsletters so that is why they let the stores decide what is best for that location. I don't know about you, but my locations have so many newsletters they still had tons of June/July ones when I went today. My stores seem to want to allow the very minimum for couponing.

At any store you can run into this problem, but it's very frustrating when you can't even get a definite answer from their corporate office. I do like to follow the stores guidelines and try to avoid hassle at the register. This is kind of hard when I have no policy to go by, it all depends on the manager on duty that day. So far I have only met what seem to be supervisors.

My wish would be for them to embrace couponers a little bit more. No they may not think they are a great customer to have, but they are getting the money back I am using in manufacture coupons. There is no difference between me and a person who pays full price. They should allow coupon stacking since their store coupons do not say manufacture coupons. They could allow more than one store coupon in a transaction because they do not say 1 per transaction. If they do not want to do these things consistently, then change your wording.

Couponers are fickle. We do not continue to shop at places where we feel hassled or treated like we are trying to rip them off (like I was treated today "I can't give you this for free"...well honey you aren't. You were getting a $1 back from the manufacture, so what's the difference??).

Now I'm not dumb enough to think some people do not take advantage of things. Of course they do. I am doing things the right way and that's how I advocate doing things for sure! But there is a middle ground here. I was just treated like an idiot today and honestly I ended up schooling them about how other stores work (including the one a few minutes away).

Bottom line is, I'll probably only be going to Whole Foods when they have some really great deals going on. Otherwise I'll save myself the hassle.


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