Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shaws deals starting 8/21

In case you haven't received your Shaws circular for this upcoming week (starting Friday), I will inform you now, there is another good catalina deal!

Catalina's are the funny little printers that randomly (or so you thought) prints coupons, promotions, etc. Well turns out they are generated by what you buy and the promotions going on. So this upcoming week you can get yourself $10 in catalina's good on your next purchase (aka do the deal more than once and use your catalinas!)!!

So take a good look at your back page of your circular. You see something like "Spend $25 on these products, get $10 off your next purchase". This "$25" is based on the regular price or shelf price as it's called, not the sale price. This is good news since that is a higher price, making it very easy to get to $25!!

Look HERE for the discussion on Hot Coupon World about the deal! Some good info will be posted there throughout the week with deal scenarios, where to find coupons, and issues (if any). They also have a scan of this weeks ad if you haven't received yours yet!

So far I'm planning on using my Morning Star $.75 (which will double) off 1 coupon and my Vocal Point (check them out HERE) loot of a FREE box of Rice Krispies!!

The 12oz Rice Krispies shelf price is $4.49 and the Morning start is right around that price (maybe $4.69, forgot to look at them today). I will use the $10 in catalina's I have from this weeks deal to make my out of pocket really low!

Look at Hot Coupon Worlds coupon database for other coupon match ups and ALL YOU magazine (sold at Walmart) has plenty of these coupons most of the time!

More specifics to come. Just wanted to explain the deal for all the newbies!


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