Friday, August 21, 2009

Shaws trip 8/21...Saved 82%!!

All this for $11.11 :) and I received $10 off my next purchase (catalina's). How you ask?

Well, I had:
$10 in catalinas from last weeks promotion
Free box of Rice Krispies coupon
2 $1 off Rice Krispies
3 $1.50 ($.75 ones that doubled) Morning Star
5 $1 ($.50 doubled) Lipton Tea
$1 off Propel

The carrots, scalloped potatoes, propel, bagels, jello, laundry detergent, canola oil spray, and mushrooms were all reduced items.

The Rice Krispies and Morning Star generated the catalina's. I spent $25 shelf price on those items. The cereal was $4.49 shelf price on sale for $2.50. The Morning Star had a shelf price of $4.99, on sale for $3.33. $28.44 was the shelf price for those items. The sale price was$16.99, $7.99 after coupons, free (if I use all $10 in catalina's) or $2.99 (if I use only $5 in catalina's). The Morning Star Chic'N Tenders did NOT generate the catatlina even though it should have ('all varieties" and it was in the size listed).

Overall I saved at least $49.xx. I say that because the reduced items are manually put in so their regular prices are not accounted for by the register. I bought 24 items, works out to $.46 an item!

Now I plan on going back again this week for a few more items.


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