Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shaw's Scenario for 8/21

Ok so I have a guesstimated scenario for this week with 2 products. I know there are tons of other product coupons out there so keep in mind this is only one possibility.


5 12oz Rice Krispies $2.50 each
1 Morning Star Products $3.33 each
$26.94 shelf price (assuming the Morning Stars are $4.49 also)

- $2.50 FREE box of Rice Krispies coupon from Vocal Point
-$4 ($1 off Rice Krispies from Vocal point)
-$1.50 ($.75 off Morning Star's doubled)
$7.83 new total

Now I have 2 $5 catalinas that I can use. I would use 1 here and pay $2.83 out of pocket. I will then get $10 to use on my next purchase!

This isn't the best deal out there, I will tell you that right now. I am trying to stick with what I want to have in my house. I would love 10 boxes of Pop Tarts, but my hips would not :)

I would like to find some Hunts can, Ro*Tel, and Pam coupons. I could also use some more popcorn.


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