Monday, August 17, 2009

The Thrifty Mama Forums are launched!

Go HERE to check out The Thrifty Mama's (my fav blogger who got me hooked on coupons and blogging!) new forum. I was part of the beta testing and it was a great place to connect with other thrifty peeps and share ideas. There are tons of other areas to look at too. Two of my favorite things are the Domestic Diva section where people post recipes and the craft section where people share patterns, etc.

Right now she has 3 great giveaways you can take advantage of. Just go register at the link above. Check out the forums. Post a few comments, questions, ideas (I think 5 is the minimum to enter the contests) and then go enter the contests!

I am a fan of forums in general because they are pretty instant and full of great information! This is just the beginning of The Thrifty Mama forum so it's a smaller community at the moment. Check it out and let her know what you think!


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