Saturday, August 15, 2009

Interesting Promotion...

Yeah I know I've been posting a lot of organic/natural things lately. But I just keep coming across those types of deals and want to share them. If you are a couponer and eat well you may have purchased (or may in the future purchase) Bear Naked Granola products. I bought 2 bags the other day at Stop & Shop because I noticed they were on sale for $3.99/bag (regular $4.79) and I had $1 off Whole Foods coupon for Bear Naked (Stop & Shop takes competitors coupons) and $1 off Bear Naked coupon. $2 for a great granola is fantastic!

So I was reading the bag today when eating it and saw they had said "don't throw this bag away" and they referred me to a website. Well if you go HERE they explain why you should send your bags back to them. They will either donate money to a local school or you can acquire points and get a T-shirt or bag. It takes about 5 packages to get a bag and about 6 to get a T-shirt.

I just found it interesting!


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