Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crocs Deal!! Woohoo!!!!

**Sorry I just realized the link wasn't working. It is now!**

So The Thrifty Mama posted THIS great Crocs deal! It's a BOGO on select styles and The Thrifty Mama posted a discount code!

I saw some on there as low as $14.99 for kids. So you could get 2 pairs for as low as $11.25!! Shipping was free! I got a pair for my almost 3yr old and myself for $18.74 shipped. The pair I got was regularly $35 so I paid nearly half price for mine and got my daughters free!!

I should also add they have GREAT customer service! I ordered from them once before and one of the items I ordered had an issue which they contacted me about. They sent me a free pair to compensate. It was awesome of them!


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