Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shaws- Spent $2.76 and $12 back!

Yeah I don't have a dog, but my mom does! So here we have 2 bottles of ginger ale, 6 Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta, 2 hartz boxes of dog bones, a box of pretzels, 3 clorox wipes, and 2 huge bags of Splenda (probably the best deal of the week!). I spent $2.76 and got $12 back for my next purchase, plus a catalina for a free box of milkbones! I saved $52.47!!

I used the catalina's I received from the other day to pay for most of it. Next week has a great deal too! Spend $25 get $10 back on the items on the back page! Use your catalinas from this week to help cut that $25 down. AND it's $25 off of shelf price not sale it's even easier to reach $25 when going by the shelf/full price!!!


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