Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Snow White Deals!

Snow White was re-released yesterday and there are some GREAT deals! My favorite is Toys R Us. If you buy $25 in princess items you get a free Snow White baking set (valued at $12.99)! Also I bought my movie yesterday (the release date) and received a $5 gift card as well. Not sure how long that is going on for, but check it out! BTW- TRU often does this with pre-orders (which I did NOT do, but it may have been a release day only thing. Don't know since it was not advertised).

Here is the deal I did:

Snow White dvd/blu-ray: $19.99

Snow White Dress Up Shoes: $5.99

Total= $25.98

Got a free baking set!

-$10 Snow White movie coupon (you can find it disney rewards site or TRU site)

So all 3 items for $16.xx!! And perhaps a $5 gift card back!

I also used a $5/$25 purchase I had, but I had to add an item for some reason. So I grabbed a Littlest Pet Shop for $.49 after everything was said and done.

At the very least you can grab the movie for $9.99 after coupon. You *might* get the gift card too, who knows! But to get all the items I did for only a few dollars more (accounting for the gift card), you can't find a better deal!


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