Friday, October 9, 2009

Old Navy $15 vests tomorrow!!

As part of their celebration, Old Navy is offering their freeze free vests tomorrow only for $15!!! I suggest getting there early, early, early!!! I've been to a few Old Navy special Saturday sales and it can get crowded. But this is a great deal. Last year the vests were insanely high priced! They are $34.50-$39.50 this year for womens vests!

Don't forget to grab a coupon off of! Any coupon will make this an even better deal!!

There are some deals already on Old Navy's site. Kids fleeces 2/$15 and the kids vests are $15 all week. Tomorrow it will be vests for the whole family!


Supermodelquin said...

Hello, is filled with fab and fun activities for 3 Days of Rockin’ Deals that start on Thanksgiving. Start the festivities early with a VIP bonus this Saturday only in U.S. stores!

Just go to and check out the Band Name Generator. Create your own band name and logo. Then, bring it into a U.S. Old Navy store Saturday, 11/21 for an exclusive 50% off on any single full-priced item. Just enter your last name, choose how hard you rock and presto, you can save on the jeans, jacket, boots or bag that you have been wanting. One offer per person, please!

Nicole D.
Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy

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