Monday, October 12, 2009

Awesome Shaws Week!!

Missing from this pic are 6 more Soft Soaps and 2 Hartz Dog Bones boxes. I spent $14ish out of pocket and received $15 back in catalinas for my next purchase!

So this week at Shaws (good through Thursday) there is a great deal on the back page.

Spend $10 (shelf price) get $3 back for you next purchase. The items are listed on the back page and in the fine print at the bottom.

Here are some of the best deals...

Splenda 5lb equivalent bag- shelf price $10.79 (poof you get $3!) sale price $5
*Buy 2 and use THIS $3.50 off coupon

So $10 for 2 minus $3.50 for the coupon= $6.50 and you'll get $6 back for your next purchase!

Smart Balance products. Pretty much all of them I saw! Including butter, peanut butter, oil!
Oil $5.49 shelf price, $2.50 sale price (the BIG bottle too!)
Buy 2 for $5 (poof you get $3 back!)
**Use 2 $1 off coupons, which I found in the isle in a blinkie!
OR use $1 off of 2 listed below.

All the Smart Balance coupons HERE

It ends up being $3 (with the $1 off 1 coupon) get $3 back or $4 get $3 back!!

Ronzoni Harvest pasta $1.99 shelf price, sale price $1. Use the coupon HERE

Clorox 35 count wipes (yellow or green containers) $3.49 shelf price, $3.29 sale price
**Buy 3 get $3 back for this promo and $3 back for a "flu" promo! So $6 back!
**There is also a $1 off of 2 coupon from a few weeks ago.

Hartz Dog Bones $3.69 shelf price, $2.50 sale price.
**Buy 2 get a coupon for a FREE box of Milkbones! UPDATE: I'm hearing you can just buy 1 box and still get the FREE Milkbones Q!!!
**Use THIS $2 off coupon (print 2!)

Soft Soap $1.69 shelf price, $1 sale price
**You can buy 6 and get the $3 back (I had coupons from a while back)

Also Kleenex tissues are B2G2 and qualify for the "flu" promo, so you should get $3 back. Don't forget to use coupons! There are a few out there.

Eggo and The Super Pretzels (frozen pretzels) and plenty of others have coupons that go with it!!


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