Monday, October 19, 2009

Shaws- Spent $5.97, Saved $133!!

I had a great trip to Shaws today! I did have some trouble and a disappointment, but overall pretty smooth. I did 4 transactions. Nothing actually printed for my first transaction I tried to do at self checkout (only did that since they had 2 registers open and each was 5 people deep). Not the first time self check out wasn't loaded right.

The best part was when the less than friendly supervisor I often see there told me the Flu catalina was done last week and that the self check out wasn't the problem. It's happened to me on several occasions and so it does irk me when I get told its me or I'm wrong. I guess this is a vent of sorts :)

Anywho, the same transaction at a regular register printed $16.50 in catalinas. $3 of that was the Flu catalina. Lesson learned.

I left with $21 in catalinas on my next purchase and $133 in food for under $6!!!!

I am giving away several of the items here to some families I know could use them. Not that we can't ;) but some of these are foods we don't eat.


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