Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Target and Shaws trip 9/15

I would have taken a pic of my haul but I got home about an hour after I expected and needed to feed people. Also I did get hassled at the Target I went to. They did not want to take coupons for a few items I had where the coupon did not specify a size. As in I could get any size. Well I bought the travel sized item, again the coupon did not say "excludes trial size" like they normally do when they, well exclude trial size!

They also refused a coupon for Healthy Choice meals, for no reason. It beeped so they would not take it. Also the "supervisor" who decided to rummage through my coupons actually asked me if I photocopied my coupons. I only had 4 of 1 coupon, which really isn't a lot. They took the first 3, but the 4th beeped so they wouldn't take it.

I'm assuming this Target was recently reprimanded about coupons? I honestly do not shop this one very often since they are slightly higher priced than other Targets in our area. I was just at another one yesterday and they pushed through coupons that beeped as long as it was the correct item (which I am diligent about!).

Anywho, here are my receipts and 2 hangtags I found at Target.

The Coupon Clippin' Mama reported that she saw these hangtags at her Target. One is for Natures Source:

Natures Source $2.49
-$1/1 Target hangtag
-$1/1 peelies or coupon from the paper
= $.49!!

The other is for Glade fabric and air:

Buy 2 Glade Fabric and Air at $2.99 each
-2 $2 off Target hangtags
-BOGO from the paper

I also got $.16 Glade Fragrance Tins!

Sale price $1.66
-$3/1 Any Glade Fragrance Collection item (buy 2 to keep it from beeping)
-$3/2 (buy 2) Any 2 Glade Fragrance Collection
-$1.50/1 found in the tins themselves

As a bonus if you use the $3/1 and buy 2 tins you can also use the BOGO refill coupon that is out there!

In totally I got 17 items for $12.35, saved $34.07 and received a $5 gift card back. $7.50 of that was clothes!! I did leave a little bummed because they did not honor some coupons. But I will go to my regular store next time.

Ok so now Shaws:

Oikos yogurt 2/$3
-$1/1 Whole Foods Coupon (in the newsletter)
-$.75/2 HERE

Yo Baby 3-in-1 meal $1
-$1 HERE (not sure how long it will be available!)

Keebler Crackers (the peanut butter and club cheddar sandwich type) $2.50
-$.55 ($1.10 doubled) HERE

I also got $.35 loaves of Shaws bread (3 loaves) and 8 Hamburger rolls $.35 too, 4 pizza shells for $2, BOGO Turkey burger, and a reduced Angus Steak. Oh and I also bought a $4.44 pizza for dinner because I was so late getting home.

I spent $22.38, saved $23.57, bought 21 items. I do like to keep it around $1 an item

That wasn't the best shaws deal this week but they were out of several things. It also seems if you buy 10 Vitamin Waters you get a $3 OYNP (saw the lady in front of me do this and also use $.40 off the Select soups that are part of the catalina deal this week, lucky duck she is!)


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