Monday, September 21, 2009

Old Navy Clearance additional 50% off!!

I know Old Navy can vary on their Clearance sales, but it's totally worth checking it out!! I went on Saturday and got over $100 worth of stuff regular price for $7. I did have gift cards, but still great prices! Khakis for $5 for me! It was a ME trip :) I had $14 in gift cards for that trip, but got a lot!

Above is a picture of my trip today. My husband had a gift card for his birthday so I did have to spend a majority on him ;). I tried to total the regular price and it seems it was well over $300, and I paid $11 after gift card ($30 gc)!!

Even at $41 (w/o the gc) it was a killer deal! I got 4 pairs of jeans (3 for me :), they only had 1 pair in his size I swear!), 2 pairs of other pants, 1 pair of yoga capris, 1 shirt for me, 2 sweatery shirts for him, 1 t-shirt for him, 1 pair of shorts for him, 2 t-shirts for my baby, 1 hat for my baby....I think that's it.

I really didn't even look through the women's pants much. I bought myself 2 pairs of men's jeans and they are awesome! Of course the 1 pair of women's I bought are not as great, but for $3.49 I'll deal!

I also used a $10 off of $50 I found on old navy weekly to make this deal even better.


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