Friday, June 5, 2009

Shaws 6/5

I put my groceries away right away, sorry! I could have gotten one less chex item, but I was trying kind of winging it. Here's what I got as part of the deal (see the back page of your flyer, towards the bottom).

4 boxes of Cheerios
2 Wishbone Bountiful Salad dressing
1 Bisquick
1 Skippy Natural Peanut butter
2 Chex Mix
1 Suddenly Salad
= around $27 pre sale price
Sale price= $19.84
-4 $.55 Cheerios Q
-2 $.75 Wishbone Q
-1 $.60 bisquick Q
-2 $.50 Chex Mix Q
-1 $.80 Suddenly Salad
(couldn't find my Skippy Q, but found it when I got home!)
=$9.60ish got a $10 off my next purchase back!!

I spent more than some people have worked out this deal for. I wanted to only get things I needed this round since it's been reported to not work for some. So I wanted to have items I knew I needed. My next run I plan on doing some stocking up.

I do plan on getting 2 Skippy, some more Chex Mix/Chex Mix bars, Suddenly Salad, brownies, etc. :) Probably 2-3 more runs. I think I have that many Qs!


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