Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Target and Shaws fun!

As you may read on Sara's blog, we had an adventure at Target today. She did better than me in terms of deals (check out her blog here), but I did get what I needed.

They have Edy's small 6oz ice cream cups for $1.19 and there are $1 off Target coupons you can print and use. So $.19 for those! Also there is a great Smores coupon out there for $3 off when you buy all 3 ingredients for Smores ( Jetpuff marshmallows, Hersheys bars, and Honey___(? name is on the coupon) graham crackers). The total for all 3 items is $6, but with that Q it's $3. Not free, but a nice deal.

Also I grabbed 2 of their 18 gallon rope handle buckets on sale for $6 this week. They are fantastic toy buckets! A lot cheaper than other toy buckets or cloth buckets that size.

At shaws they do have a decent soda deal this week with Pepsi (buy 5 12 packs for $5 when use buy the Lays multipack for $5.99 using in ad coupon). Tomorrow is the last day of the sale. My friend/boss (lol) Lori informed me of another good deal this week at Shaws. Some Hefty sandwich and freezer bags are 2/$3 this week. There was a $1 off blinkie (little machine that spits out coupons that hangs on the shelves) right there. So each box of sandwich bags was $.50 after coupons!

Again not free but very cheap! Also keep your eye out of $$/$$$ (like $5 off of your next $40 purchase). They come out of the catalina machine and even if you find some laying there, grab them! You can use them!


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