Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CVS Fun and More...

So what's the big deal with CVS you ask? Well here is a great link to understanding the whole idea. It's a really simple, great way to get into couponing and saving money The most important thing is to get an Extra Care Card and use it! Using that with available coupons is key to getting free or nearly free items. Often you'll find additional coupons print out after your receipt besides your EBCs (Extra Care Bucks- which they often advertise). For instance I have $5 off of $15 print at times. Also those price check scanners are more exciting than they look. You can scan your card and they print additional coupons. Now they say you can get new coupons each day but half the time I scan mine it says there are no new coupons today. Not sure if that's how it is everywhere, but it's worth trying.

That link above will give you the low down and get you started. I say the most important thing is to be organized when you go in and be prepared that some items you are expecting to get may not be there.

Other stores to keep your eye on include your grocery store (varies by region obviously), walgreens, target, and some times rite aid. For me CVS is the main store I worry about. I also check around for deals at Target, Walgreens, and rite aid. I try to only hit those places if there is a great deal. Beware of prices though! I saw a BOGO at CVS and Walgreens for the same product, 2 different prices.

Just read the tutorial and start collecting coupons! Oh and there are plenty of printable coupons!! Yeah so even if you refuse to get a paper, you can print your own. :)


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