Saturday, March 14, 2009

Time to organize!

I can definitely say that couponing, or deal partaking in general, works so much better when you are very organized. I'm not always mrs. organization, but I find a list, or even an envelope with the coupons I intend to use (just like a list really), is enough at times.

I find when I go in blind to a great sale (like the Shaw's sale this week or a fantastic CVS week) it not only takes me so much longer, but I'm 100 times more likely to get frustrated and flustered, forgetting things or coupons I intend to use. My deals always seem better when I've taken the time to organize them.

I think people quit couponing or don't even try it because they think it's oh so time consuming. It's really not at all. Just make a list of the sale items/promos you want to take advantage of, gather any coupons, and go! Spending a half hour a week (probably less for those without 2 little ones!) saves me huge money over the course of a month.

Often I will get the weekly circular for the grocery stores and circle the items I want to buy, put question marks next to the items I would buy if I had/could find a great coupon for.

It's totally worth it to me. I usually average a 50% savings (or more) on my groceries. Money I can use towards clothes, vacations, or things for the kids! has forums for just about any grocery store (not all but most). I go there and most of the work is done for me. I just pull my coupons and go!


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