Thursday, March 19, 2009

Save some paper and ink...

by printing your Target coupons at Target! Yes you can print their web coupons at their Registry stations. This is great for me because I go through ink fast.

Remember for Target Q's you can print as many as you'd like, unlike bricks coupons (aka and most coupons you find online) and smartsource (another online printing company) which you can only print 2 times. So make sure you are ready to go for those, you only get 2 chances per IP address.

One way I try to conserve paper is by printing coupons on both sides or ends of the paper. Ok so before I confuse you, or cause you to print 2 coupons on top of each other leading to you hating me, I will explain. When I'm only printing one coupon, I can then in turn print the next one at the opposite end of the page. You do need to understand how your printer takes the paper, but that isn't as hard as it sounds, I promise ;)


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