Friday, March 27, 2009

My coupon system...

So my friend Sara over at recently posted her coupon organization system. I figured I'd post mine to provide some variety.

I started off with the typical accordion style coupon sized organizer. That's fine for a quick run or if you don't get more than one paper.

I get 2 papers (which is nothing, some people get 7 or more). Here you can see I use a binder. It's great because it allows me to have 2 main sections. One in the front contains my store envelopes. I have one for Walgreens, CVS, Target, Shaws, etc. I usually only toss coupons in those when I am planning my run to that store. I do keep my CVS coupons (for CVS only) in it's envelope.

The second section is behind that where I keep all my coupons in 3x3 pockets based on category. I have food, baby, health and beauty, meds, cleaning, and random (which is like candy at the checkout or rubbermaid containers, etc).

I find that if I bring this with me and I happen upon a clearance section at Target or Shaws I can easily find the coupons (if I have one or not) and pull it. I put all the coupons for the trip in a zipper pocket near the front of the binder. Then when it's time to check out, they are all right there.

In addition I keep a tiny keychain calculator in my purse and small scissors in my binder. Sounds crazy, but honestly it's been so helpful at making my trips quicker and more effective.

I'm definitely not your normal coupon lady! But I have saved insane amounts of money and been able to buy quality items on a teeny tiny budget.


Sara said...

i love how your coupons dont have to be totally folded and squished like mine, but whatever!! I heart my book too....

mmckenna said...

whatever works!

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