Friday, March 27, 2009

Kmart round 2

So I went back for more punishment. I returned my razor and the two gerber snacks and got back $13 and change. Making my last trip free plus $4+. Yay!

So here we have 4 Natures Source cleaners (2 windex, 2 scrubbing bubbles), 2 Neutra Air sprays, 2 packages ziplock bags, 4 gerber stage 2 baby foods, 2 ziplock container packages, 6 stride gum, 2 Sally Hansen emery board things, 1 Reach flosser, Playtex bottle liners, and some Aveeno lotion that I forgot to put in the pic :) Oh and one bag of m&m's to get me up to $50 to get my $5 off.

My total original total was around $53 and after coupons it was sort of high at $17 something, but I had $13 that they gave back to me. So my total for Kmart was $4. Remember they had only over charged me $6.97 before (I used $6 in coupons that was refunded when I returned the miss marked items).

The reason I refer to it as punishment is that I can never seem to have a seamless transaction there. This time when the cashier was prompted to put in the correct products for the coupons as they scanned, she was randomly picking things, even though I was telling her what I bought for each coupon. So on the Natures Source cleaners ($2.50 each) she picked the stride gum ($1.28 each) so it only doubled up to $1.28. She was really nice and I kept telling her what each one was in hopes she would listen. If she had not done that my total would have been near $0 or pennies. Oh well!! It's hard to argue because the receipts are extremely vague.

I couldn't find my awesome Huggies coupon book which had at least 3 great Qs I wanted to use. I know I would have done even better.


Sara said...

You still did super good! yay melly!

mmckenna said...

Thanks! I did find my Huggies booklet BTW!! Woohoo!! Although I don't think I'll be going back there this week. I'm glad to have them back though.

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