Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crazy Coupons these days...

So being that the economy is in tough shape, we've seen some awesome coupons out lately. Some are unbelievable (like the 2 weeks old navy did great ones!) in a great way and others are unbelievable in a "are they serious" way.

Recently I've seen a few $.20 off deodorant which is just sad. Even at Kmart tripled, it's lame people. Also I recently noticed a few other ways they are cheaping out on us. A few coupons I've seen are offering $2 off when you buy another item. The problem is the items themselves are not cheap. For instance, Aussie get $2 off shampoo when you buy a styling product (I know it's more specific than that, but just for fun..). Ok so at Kmart when I can get this doubled, the Aussie products are $4+ each. So in essence I would get one free. I would still have to pay full price for the other one...the one I didn't really need but had to buy to get the $2 off. And reading the coupon at a normal pace you will not get the whole situation. I have found a few coupons like this lately.

The issue to me is, companies want us to use the coupons right. They want the stores to accept the coupons for the product they intend, but they are making this harder then it needs to be.

In a time when lots of people are couponing now out of necessity, they are unfamiliar with all the rules, laws, stipulations, why make more complicated coupons?

I'm not sure they are serving the purpose I am sure they intend (to actually save us less, save them more). People are misreading them and using them left and right. I have done this myself.

I am trying to pay better attention now that I am aware of the craziness that some coupons seem to have these days. I usually do read them before had to make sure I am purchasing the right size, etc. These days, it seems you need someone to interpret at times. Even the P&G coupon booklet has some coupons that say "or select products"....ok. Wait. What? How will I know!!??

Also realize that often these are not great coupons UNLESS there is some clearance happening or some CVS fun.


Supermodelquin said...

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John A.
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Sara said...

John Rocks!!

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