Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kmart $2 Doubler starts 3/22!!

Woohoo! So beginning 3/22-3/28 most local Kmarts are doubling coupons up to and including $2 ones!! Although they are over priced on some items, I can often get free items during these promos.

Make sure you use the price scanner before you hit the register to verify pricing. They are notorious for mispricing their shelves or having the wrong sticker price.

Also be sure to take your internet printables because they do take them now.

And watch as you get rung out. Make sure they select the correct product if the coupon asks. Selecting the wrong product may cause it to only double to the value of that product, which may be less the the item you intended it for. For instance P&G products always pop up a box with say 9-12 products. If they select product that cost $2.99 and you had a $2 coupon it would only double it to $2.99 vs. if they selected the actual product you bought for $3.99 which would have doubled to the full value of $3.99. If that does happen the product you thought was free is now costing you $1. No biggie but multiply that by $20 and you catch my drift. And it can actually be much worse than that, costing you several dollars more for the product.

Sounds complicated, but really it isn't. When they begin scanning the coupons watch the coupons and if a box pops up, simply say "oh that was the Olay facial wash" so they don't select the toothpaste :). Just let them know which product it was intended for.

Happy hunting!!


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