Friday, March 27, 2009

CVS 3/27

I had not been to CVS in a while. I took a mini break since I had been very well stocked up on many items. I made a small run today while picking up my prescription.

I have a reusable CVS bag, 2 boxes of Post cereal, 2 small bags of CVS almonds, and a small tube of Neutrogena face cream/SPF stuff. I had a coupon for a free reusable bag, 2 $2 off Post Trail Mix (printable) and they were BOGO, $1 off CVS nuts (printed out of the price scanner), and My total was over $12 and I paid $2.46. I had no coupon for the face cream, but for $1 it's great to toss in a bag. I love Neutrogena and they hardly ever put out Qs. I paid $.46 for the cereal, $1 for the nuts, and $0 for the bag. Not bad.


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