Sunday, May 10, 2009

CVS 5/10

Happy Mother's Day! I did get a chance to shop on this fine day. As you can see, I didn't get much. I didn't pay much either. I did have a return mixed in here, but I paid $.86 after everything was said and done. I probably would have paid $2 more without the return.

The milk and bottle liners were needed, but the shoes I did use ECBs and even a Walgreens $5 Register Reward! I also used a $5 off of $30. I did have razors in the deal (hence the return discussion) but I returned those right after once I realized my coupon wasn't entered in the way I expected.

*Lesson to take away from this is if you don't think your deal is as good as you originally thought, feel free to return those items. I was not happy with the way the cashier rang in a BOGO coupon for razors. I would have ended up paying $5.99 for 2 sets of disposable razors. Not a terrible price, but certainly not the $.99 each or less I usually get them at. So when I realized what the cashier was doing with the BOGO coupon, I decided I did not want them. I have walked away from deals feeling like I got a bad deal. So now I'd rather look like a pain in the butt than pay an extra $6.

I will post some more good deals at CVS this week!


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