Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seabra and Big Lots

So Seabra wasn't the most exciting place in the world. I did get some good deals on fruits and veggies. I also scored on some chicken (got a good lb or 2lbs for $.96, not sure on the weight since the label seemed to be WAY off, but I wasn't complaining for the price!).

I will say that they have some decent deals on anything that isn't in an isle. You aren't going to find the great cereal deals there most likely.

I did hit Big Lots today. It was interesting to see some of the pricing (comparing it to the grocery store where I can use coupons). I will say they had a few great deals.

I did see a few Naglene reusable bottles with crystal light sticks inside for $2 and $3.50 (bigger one). The $2 one is currently on sale for $5 at Shaws. You can use a Crystal Light coupon on it, but still it ends up being more there. Unless they put it down to 90% off, Big Lots has them beat. I have a few of these bottles and they are fantastic! If I didn't already have a bunch I would have stocked up!

I was able to get my husband 6 pairs of Hanes socks for $4 (cheapest I can find is usually $7 at walmart). They had Crystal Light sticks (the boxes of them) for $1 and some for $2.

Just keep in mind they are overpriced on some products. Since they don't take coupons, you have to know you are getting a good deal on some items. The socks were a given since you rarely get deals on items like that. But I saw some items that were a few dollars more than they normally are.

I've been really selective these last few weeks trying to not buy stuff just because they are a deal. I have a few staples in my stockpile and some other items that I simply do not need, free or not. I have had a lot going on and just found going to get deals I really do not need as wasteful. I've also had to buy a few items that are not so thrifty for events going on. So I've been trying to not spend extra on other things ;)

The Thrifty Mama here has quite a few deals this week. Rite Aid has some deals this week that I may partake in. She listed them on her site. Check it out! I'll let you know how I do.


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