Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thrifty Clothes!

Ok so recently I had 2 events (and actually a 3rd coming up) to attend and no clothes to wear. I tried to be thrifty but I ended up splurging on myself :). But I have recently lost more weight and I have no summer clothes. What is a girl to do? Well I finally remembered to hit the Salvation Army on Wednesday when they have family day. Certain tags are half off (all but one tag color in this case). I bought a bunch of Gap and a few Ralph Lauren items. All were gently used and a great deal!

I also hit Old Navy's clearance pretty hard! In the pic you can see I few items I got. I got a pair of navy cords for $1.97. They are super cute on too! And I got a cute sweater for $1.97, it has an 1.5 inch hole on the seam on the side that I can easily sew. It was marked down the $1.97 for the hole. But it's a very minor defect that I can fix in 15 mins. I also got a tie for $.10!!! I have an Old Navy coupon (check thursday nights, late...or very very early Friday mornings) that I plan on using on clearance at another store.

Target is another great place to find clearance clothes. I often fill my girls closets at the end of each season with $.98 and $1.98 items.

Don't forget Walmart!! I recently needed a pair of nice dress pants for an interview. I went to old navy to check the clearance and they did not have much for dress pants. They had non clearance pants for $29.99. Well that was too much for me! So I went Walmart and found a great pair for $9 on clearance.

Just be careful to not over pay for used clothes. A consignment shop near me often has clothes for $3 and up. Right across the road at Target I often find shirts for less than $1, new. Same thing with Salvation Army or Savers. Some items are a great deal, but sometimes they are asking too much. Make sure you use good judgement and do not assume if it's a thrift shop it must be a great deal. Not always!!


Sara said...

word! i love cheap clothes!!

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