Friday, May 8, 2009

Shaws 5/8...43 items, $47!

So lets just say I got a lot of stuff! I paid around $47.18 for all of this. My total before was around $100. I say this because they have problems with sales ringing in correctly and using coupons. So rather than getting mad, I just returned the items. My original total was over $120. So they lost about $47 between Sara and I today. I returned $22 worth of Soft Soap. She returned $25.

I did get 2 Uno's pizzas, a whole chicken, 2 small steaks, 3lbs of chicken, 4 boxes of cereal, Pull Ups, 1.5 gallons of milk, deli meat and cheese, 12 rolls of Cottonelle (which is hidden), organic pasta, wheat hot dog buns, light hamburg buns, bananas, 2 mangos, 1pt strawberries, blackberries, onions, 2 Celeste pizzas.....etc I did buy more junk food than usual, but it was free and we don't eat it often so no biggie!

The best deal this week is on select Kelloggs cereals and poptarts. They are 4 for $10. There is a $4 off coupon in their ad.


$10 for 4 cereal
-$4 in ad coupon
-4 $1 Kellogg cereal coupons
=$2 for 4 boxes of cereal!!

Many of them have "coins" on them for free stuff. Free shirts, blankets, movie tickets, etc!!!

Just don't buy the Soft Soap Ensembles yet! That's the promo that wasn't working for us!


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