Thursday, April 23, 2009

Couponing Basics

Here are some sites you should check out:

For Coupons:

Here you can enter in a product name and search for printable (or non printable) coupons. It's a database for all available coupons. So if you *think* you have a coupon for a product but can't remember, you can check there.

I also google (actually I use because I earn $5 amazon gift cards for searching, and it's run by google) for coupons on products or discount codes for online purchases.

Here are the main printable coupon sites you should check. They change often so keep checking:

Here is a great site for freebies and coupons: (thanks SARA!!!)

If you make online purchases you should use these sites to order through. They give you a percentage of your purchase back:

Here is a great site in general. She also has a CVS 101 page and a basics to couponing page:

I do love the Hot Coupon World ( Shaws forum. I get ideas from other peoples posts there and it makes my shopping trips a lot better! This way I have a plan when I go in. I also find some people find hidden deals and post them there. It's a great place to get info!

I'll post a few more helpful posts over the next few days to get everyone caught up :)


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