Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nice Crocs Deal!

When I was preggo with my first daughter I bought my first pair of Crocs because my feet were huge. Gaining 80lbs will do that to you. I'm not all about name brands, but with shoes for the kids I try to splurge because both of my kiddos have very wide feet. I also have Fibromyalgia and good shoes go a long way.

In the summer I can't wear flip flops too often because of the Fibro so Crocs are a decent compromise for me.

So this is a decent deal for me.

For mothers day they are doing 50% off when you buy 2 or more of select styles. I got my toddler and infant each a pair of the kids mary janes (the sizing for toddler/infant is the ones that start with a C, like my infant is a C4/5), me some Primas. Girls and women's Athens are also included. They also have a few free shipping codes right now. I paid $29.97 for 3 pairs of shoes. Not $5 but all of us will be really comfy and I'd rather spend $9.99 on shoes we'll all wear than $5 on some that were just cheap ;)

Also, you can turn around and sell them on ebay when you are done with them! Seriously! I have sold them before and made back half my money or more. It's like you are renting them, LOL! Which makes me feel better when buying nice shoes for the kids. I don't feel bad spend the extra $$ knowing I'll get it back.


Anonymous said...

Rori wears a 4/5? So does Em and that's only because they don't make a size 3 :)

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