Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm trapped!

This week I am working at my mom's shop so I haven't been able to shop! I will say though, there are not many deals going on anyway! CVS seems like the best place to be, if not Walgreens. Shaws seems to be having some slow weeks. I will post my ideas for this up coming week at Shaws tomorrow.

I may get to CVS tomorrow, but it all depends on what happens before I need to get back here to work.

Easter shopping has been a complete dud this year. No one has much left over so the selection is very limited. I did get a few outdoor toys at Target for $1. They did have some of the larger Easter toys on sale but they were $15 to begin with. I didn't think the half off sale made them much of a bargain.


Sara said...

Okay so the CVS in fall/assonet had some hershey bliss easter stuff, but carter was being a mook and didn't let me shop.. oh well! but atleast they are out there...

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