Saturday, April 18, 2009

Target 4/18

So before work today I decided to take a run (literally, I was jogging) through Target. I paid $3.63 total out of pocket. I got 10 bags of fruit snacks ($.89), 5 aveeno lotions ($2.99 each), 1 reusable bag (free), 1 package of temporary tattoos ($1), 1 Kumon workbook ($6.95), 1 set of Crayola window crayons ($2.70). I used a gift card along with coupons. I would have paid less if I didn't get the workbook ($6.95 just for that), but they are so great! So I didn't mind shelling out the $3 for that!

Go here to get 3 coupons for Aveeno. One is for $10 off 3. Since they are $2.99 each, if you buy 3 they are free! It's not a sale, just the regular price, so you have plenty of time to get them.

I also used Target coupons to get the fruit snacks for free.

Sorry for the bad picture, used my webcam again so it wasn't easy and it's backwards.


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