Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shaws, Shaws, faux pas...

Yep. They did it again. Shaw marketing department has made a major blunder....AGAIN. I am a huge fan when they do things right, but they have done something pretty bad this time and honestly angered many customers. They sent out a Ducklings Rewards email said to contain several great coupons including freebies. After a day or two they pulled the link from the email ("page under construction") and killed the pdf with the coupons on it. It's likely the marketing dept doesn't know what a pdf is? I don't know. Seems like a terrible idea if you do not want the promo to get away from you.

To take it one step further, some people are reporting signs in their stores stating they will not accept these coupons. So even the lucky few who got to print these will not be able to use them most likely. Now if this was their first big mistake I'm sure people would be more understanding. Unfortunately their marketing department makes mistakes constantly drawing people into the stores only to be disappointed when they get there and find out some of the great deals they though they were getting are not going to be honored.

**UPDATE: They are going to MAIL the coupons to those enrolled in the program. It does seem the pdf was the issue. Mass printing was sited as the reason for terminating the coupons. I will give them credit for trying to rectify the issue and doing right by the customers.**

Anyway, I do hope they get on the ball. In this job market I hope they can find someone to run their marketing dept, not ruin it.

**I would like to add that I got 2 Swag for looking up faux pas to make sure I was spelling it correctly :) **


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