Saturday, April 4, 2009

CVS 4/4

Not a bad run today. I went intending to grab a few repeats from earlier this week, like the Soft Soap or Action Scrubber Starter kit. They had none left :( I had a $5 off a $25 cvs Q they emailed to me. My plan was to get as much stuff that added up to $25 as possible that had Qs and/or Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) to go with it.

I overheard a person stocking the shelves saying "these are only on sale for today I think" to another worker. So I checked it out. Here's what I got:

6 Sterilite boxes $.45 each
-Size of DVD/CD cases. Great for crafts for the kids, puzzle pieces, other toys.

4 Nike Mens white XL Tshirts $.50 each

1 Yellow pullover hoodie $1.99

1 Sense and Spray $5.99
-$1 off cvs Q ( or CRT printed from the price scanner)
-$4 off manufacturer Q
=$.99 plus I got $1 ECB back

1 Skin Effects Sunscreen $5.49 on clearance
-$5 off Skin Effects CRT
= $.49

1 Book Light $2.49
-Just want to add it's super cool!

3 bags Hershey Easter Candy $6
-$1.50 off 3 bags manufacturer Q
= $1.50

Total was around $26.?? after my Q, 4 ECB, and gift card (only $2 left on that) I paid $4.40. I got 1 ECB back. I have 4 other ECBs that I must have left at home :( Oh well! Good haul anyway!

**They had tons of other stuff on sale. I'm not sure if it is for today only since people in other areas have had this sale going on for a while** Other things I saw:

Hair Clippers $1.99
TV table/tray thing $4.99
Bigger Sterilite boxes $.69
Keyboard $3.??
Table water fountain $1.99


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