Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Shopping

Easter shopping is best done Monday. I plan on hitting Target Monday morning. I may just browse on Monday because it's likely items will only be at 50% off. Usually later on in the week or week following they will continue to discount down to 90%.

The reason I go early in the week is to get the items that are a great deal at 50% off and won't be around by the time they lower it. I do this at Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. I have several stocking stuffers put aside that I paid a fraction of the price for.

Last year I got my toddler several shirts for $.49. She still wears them and a few I moved to her under pj shirts after they got stained, but hey for $.49 it's ok! Also you may find some cheap toys you can use for incentive or for a distraction during a trip this summer.


Sara said...

i love sales! don't forget to use your 1.00 off hershey bliss q's if they mark them down low enough, you could totally score!

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