Friday, April 10, 2009

I'd like to say BOOOOOO to Old Navy...

Yeah, you heard me. Thank you for bringing back the great certificates/coupons. I do have one major gripe. They go "live" at what I can only estimate as Friday 3am EST ???

I happened to get up at 3:15am or so to use the bathroom and I checked, it looked like the best coupon was gone, but I had checked at midnight before I went to bed and nada.

So I attempted, in a sleepy stupor, to get the second best one. I was not successful to say the least. It required some skill and probably both eyes open. Anyway when I started there was over 1,000 and after about 15 mins they were gone. So I definitely think 3am is the time.

Anyway, I understand not wanting your server to crash each week, but this is a bit bias to the west coast, no?


Sara said...

im totally down with the BOOO as well!!

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