Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shaws & Dots 4/30

Since my camera is missing it is impossible to capture all of my loot with my webcam so I have no picture today! Lets just say I took advantage of the Shaws deal I posted about a week ago. It was buy these 10 products for $25 get 2 free movie tickets. With coupons I got those 10 procducts for $18 (6 cereal, 2 boxes of waffles, 2 boxes of crackers) plus my 2 movie tickets! I could have done 10 boxes of cereal and paid $15, but I wanted to have some variety :)

I was a dummy though. I had a $20 off of $120 purchase. Before coupons my total was $99+. I SHOULD have said hold it and ran and grabbed 2 packages of diapers or something to get me to $120. They would have been FREE! Argh. I think of this as I'm driving home. I have 2 more of those coupons so I will try that next time.

My total at Shaws was $54.45

-Bought 58 items
-Got 2 movie tickets
-Saved $101
-Bought a Tshirt and a stuffed monkey!
-Bought a pack of diapers

So all things considered, I did well.

Ok so Dots. Dots is fantastic! They have an survey online and they give you $10 off an instore purchase. I bought 4 $3 shirts and paid $2!! Plus they gave me a $10 off another purchase. I haven't read it yet, so we'll see!


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